The Pats lost but showed they are more physical than finesse in 2012

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I did notice this and it was confirmed by Michael Irvin when he said that this game showed more physical presence of the Patriots than they showed in years.

    I was hating the previous years when it looked like the team had gone soft and finesse like the Colts,but this years team if anything is more tough and physical and can go toe to toe with tough teams like the Ravens,Texans and 49ers.

    I thought we would lose this game and unfortunately I was right,what I didn't expect was to see a former finesse team look more tough and play like it.

    If they continue to be tough like they were tonight,the team won't be intimidated,especially on the road against tough nosed teams like the Ravens.

    On to Buffalo gentleman.....relax,more than half the league is 1 & 2,the team is not done yet.
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  2. RayClay

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    Danny Woodhead was just mauling Ray Lewis.
  3. Brady_to_Moss

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    Mankins was sticking up for everyone out there. They are much more physical this year and yes the pats will be fine. Jets and MIA and prob buff all still suck


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    Woodhead is 5'7 ....let's talk about REAL RBs :cool:
  5. NJPatsfan26

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    Well put....

    This team does have heart.

    I can see it when Brady gets control and does the 2 minute drill.

    I can see it when they make great defensive plays.

    1 and 2 is not the end. its just the beginning. We will see the ravens and probably the cardinals again.

    Onto the bills....


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    Do you expect to see Arizona in the Super Bowl....otherwise I guarantee you,they won't play each other again for a few years. ;)
  7. NJPatsfan26

    NJPatsfan26 In the Starting Line-Up

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    God I hope not.

    Still have nightmares of all things Arizona now. :eek:
  8. ctpatsfan77

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    A scary thought: for the past six seasons, the NFC representative has played the Patriots during the regular season:

    2006: Chicago
    2007: #@%@%
    2008: Arizona
    2009: New Orleans
    2010: Green Bay
    2011: @#%@%

    By that token, the 2012 NFC representative should be coming out of . . . the NFC West. :eek:
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    You mean the NFC West

    And yes,I think that will stand

    It's only week 3 but to me it's clear that the 49ers,despite getting beaten today are going to have a good chance......I love what Atlanta is doing as well,Matt Ryan is a stud QB
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  10. RayClay

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    Could have used one in the second half. Why not just go empty backfield? Woodhead has caught one (1) pass this year.

    I understand, in theory, they want him in the hurry up, but he is not Kevin Faulk in reality, so that theory makes no sense IMO.

    I think it's instructive to look at it from the defenses point of view. Are they worried about getting to the QB with the massive Woodhead protecting him? Maybe worried about his awesome dangerous capability in the open field, the way he breaks tackles and can't be taken down by one man. Is that why they respect the play action so much they almost killed Branch? (If I'm wrong on that, I'll apologize, but I'm in mid rant here). Are they petrified, he might get reception number two if they don't leave someone in coverage?

    Seriously, he's a nice story, a good student for a marginal NFL player that will at least know the plays if someone gets hurt. I don't know why, when a good balanced drive can seal the game, we let the defense virtually play against a ten man team because they aren't afraid of him in any phase of the game. When you know you can tackle a guy with one hand if you get fooled, why would you bite on play action?
  11. RayClay

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    I'm not happy at all with how physical we were. That was a game that was out of control because of the refs. The more physical team wins those games and it wasn't us.


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    Baltimore has been physical for years,this is the first time since Bruschi,Harrison and Seymour left that I felt like this team wasn't a redux of the 2000s Colts or the 80s Dolphins and Chargers.

    It takes awhile to get your team to play hard AND tough

    It's a growing process

    I think the team is one Pollard,or Sharper type of safety from being a team you don't want to catch a ball against.

    They were tougher tonight,regardless and better be that way next week in a hostile Buffalo environment and against a team that appears to be coming together after that week 1 debacle.
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  13. Ice_Ice_Brady

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    That's great, but I digress.

    I thought they took a big step back tonight. I was encouraged by the way the defense played against the Cardinals and Titans. Tackling, closing the pocket, hard-hitting. I saw tons of missed tackles, particularly by the secondary, and they were pushed around the Ravens line all night. Not one sack on Flacco.

    Hightower didn't look very good tonight; neither did Mayo or Spikes. Ray Rice ran wild and didn't have to pay for anything with big hits.

    Irvin is referring to the "physical" stuff in between plays. I could care less how much jawing and fighting they did with the Ravens.
  14. VrabelJr

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    More silver lining: Next week we get to watch* our team take out their frustrations on the Buffalo Jills.

    * By watch I mean I'll be checking the score on a non-NFL website and will not be watching the game even though I have NFL Sunday Ticket.
  15. Salva135

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    We showed we're 1-2 and behind the Texans and Ravens for bye seeds. Right now, we're behind the Jets for the division. if we make the playoffs, we're hittin' the road. That's not good for us.
  16. Mack Herron

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    Patriots could neither run nor stop the run or generate a pass rush. They were dominated on the LOS. No silver lining here.
  17. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    "these games are won and lost in the trenches"... someone has had to have said that.
  18. goheels22002

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    The Cardinals defense crushed the Eagles just like it did the Patriots. 5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 30% 3rd down efficiency by the Eagles, 8 points. That is an elite defense.
  19. hovis

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    A real RB, like Ridley, who had 13 carries for 37 yards? Look, nobody's happy with the lack of yardage production on Woodhead's runs, but he's not the guy calling one too many draws and failing to run-block.

    And he's the best RB at pass protection on this team, like it or not. Brady from '01 to '06 was also much more likely to check down than post-07' Brady. The one check-down targeting Woodhead last night? He needed 6 and picked up 9.

    I don't get why people are complaining about Woodhead or the offense in general. They put up thirty points. That's pretty good overall considering it's BALTIMORE. If you want to ***** about their situational failure at the end, fine. But whose fault was that?
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  20. RayClay

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    If Woodhead is our best running back and the best in pass protection (I don't believe that from a physical standpoint. Sure, he has more experience, but that's because we play him instead of letting someone progress) then we need to check the waiver wire.

    Woodhead is not Faulk. Repeat, Woodhead is not as good as Faulk at any phase of the game IMO.

    So, if it's your opinion that Ridley is not a good running back and that teams wouldn't respect him as a threat, we need to check the waiver wires.
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