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    Seau gets his ring
    Link|Comments (0) Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff October 12, 2008 05:07 PM
    SAN DIEGO -- Patriots owner Robert Kraft presented former New England linebacker Junior Seau his AFC Championship ring today at Seau's restaurant. The ceremony was witnessed by New England reporters, with Kraft and Seau answering questions from media members afterwards.

    Naturally, Seau was asked about the possibility he might play again. He repeated his remarks from August that if he does suit up again, it would only be with the Patriots.

    "The only reason why I would come back is to finish what we didn't finish last year," he said. "That's the only purpose. There is no other reason for me to come back. With the guys in that locker room, and obviously the organization, there is such a great tie. I have a place in my heart for them forever. I wouldn't want to fight for anyone else but [Robert] Kraft and [Bill] Belichick."

    Seau's return would seemingly hinge on a potential injury. With that in mind, Seau was asked if he'd be ready if the call from the Patriots came next week.

    He joked that it would depend how good the surfing conditions were that day, but added that he is not expecting a call.

    Seau said he has been watching the Patriots closely. Earlier, he was asked about what he often refers to as his "journey."

    "The journey right now is packing coolers, going to football games, volleyball games, and really just taking it one day at a time," he said. "That's where [my] life is. I'm surfing every day and enjoying it."
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    Wish I would had known earlier.. I would had ran down there to witness the excitement. Good to see all the Pats fans in town!
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    Nice testament to the Patriots; considering he spent most of his career in SD, that's such a huge compliment.

    If the time comes this year when it's looking really good that we go to the SB, I hope Junior somehow gets back on the roster. For being here such a relatively short time it's like he's been a Patriot most of his career.
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