Red Sox Trump Two Tampa Bay Aces

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    Red Sox Trump Two Tampa Bay Aces
    By: Bob George

    For Tampa Bay, one little "I got it" might cost them their season....

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    Can we please stop acting like one misplay in the 4th inning of game 1 of a 2-0 game has ruined their entire season? The Red Sox won that game 12-2 for Christs sake and lit up their ace tonight for 7 runs. I'm getting tired of all this praise and excuse making for Tampa.
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    Wow, no mea culpa or even acknowledgement of the bad prognostication two days ago. Where is some personal responsibility?

    Of course, blame it on a 4th inning error in a 12-2 game - - yeah, that's the ticket! It was all Myers' fault! If it wasn't for that play, the Red Sox wouldn't have scored 10 more runs and Lester wouldn't have shut down the Rays.

    Perhaps you should have considered WHY the Red Sox won the division by 6 games over the Rays and why the Sox beat the Rays 12 out of 19 times head to head during the regular season.

    These 2 games were not lost on Myers' one miscue. Over 18 innings the Red Sox have outhit, outran, outfielded, outpitched and out-thought in baseball situations the Rays.

    Please. Some honesty would be refreshing. I respect people who admit they were wrong. It's a sign of personal strength. People like Shaughnessy or Borges refuse to admit to ever being wrong.

    Personally, I haven't read you for over a decade and the only reason I've read these last two columns is because they caught my attention in having to move them off the football forum. You write well, and could be worthwhile to read if you wrote with some honesty and credibility.
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    Finish off these motherless clowns. And insert another word for clowns with some of the same letters.

    Price? Dope.

    Madden? Insufferable.


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