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    I like when people do occasional posts with the intent of finding out more about the others that hang here, or to exchange stories about other experiences. This post is in the category of the latter.

    Many years ago I wrote to Wayne Fontes, head coach of the Detroit Lions, suggesting a trade with his team and “my†New England Patriots. He hand wrote this long letter back, thanking me for taking the time to write him, and included some Lion buttons, stickers, and other Lion stuff.

    What a genuinely nice human being, and I thought, a good coach. I hated it when he was fired, and always had a warm spot in my heart for him.

    Along those same lines, in 1986, I was down in New Orleans for the Patriots Super Bowl. I was out and about and ended up in the lobby of a hotel. Standing there chatting with his wife and a friend was Howie Long. I totally must have interrupted him, but he stopped what he was doing, shook my hand, and asked all about what I was up to. He could not have been nicer.

    Anyway, from those points on, I always wished both of them nothing, but success, and will always remember their kindness towards me.

    Finally, my question: Does anybody else have a story where you had dealings with an NFL celeb., and it was positive in a similar way to that described above?
  2. mcbee

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    I met Ray Berry, his son went to my high school.
  3. Patjew

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    I used to be married to Tom Brady.
  4. jimmyjames

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    In the late 90's I used to work with a certain video game company that makes a NFL game. A very young Terrell Owens used to hang around the office and would come to all of the events we sponsored. At the time he was still in Jerry Rice's shadow and even in the Bay Area virtually nobody would recognize him out of uniform. He was really funny and came across as a very humble, if not downright dorky guy - braces and a thick southern drawl. We worked with all kinds of athletes and I remember conversations where we would wish they were all as nice as TO.

    Man what a little success and some bad advice can do to people.
  5. Willie55

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    I posted here a couple months ago that I met Doug Flutie,at a benfit for a friend, the night before. His band played. They were awesome and when there was an intermission I got a chance to talk to him. Very nice guy, and he took a nice picture with us which is now hanging in Patriot Nation.
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  6. QuiGon

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    I've been to a bunch of autograph memorabilia signings and all these tales come from one of those, so take it for what it's worth... Maybe a guy was having a good day or a bad day or whatever.... But these are all my 60 second impressions I've received...

    Dwight Clark: Probably the nicest guy I ever met at one of these things. Very personable, talking, joking around. He even let one woman who was flirting with him have a kiss. Now I've always said that it easier to be nice and friendly and take your time with someone when there's 10 people in line than when there's 300, but he still seemed very genuine.

    Gayle Sayers: Total jerk. Never even looked up to acknowledge me. Literally ruined my helmet when his silver marker exploded as he signed it - showed no remorse whatsoever.

    Tedy Bruschi: Similar thing happened when his marker exploded signing a jersey, reacted 100% the opposite of Sayers. He was taken aback and was like "Oh my God, I am sorry, what can I do to make it better?" (I just had him finished the signature since I didn't really have any other choice - so my signed Bruschi jersey has a little splotch on it but that OK since Tedy Bruschi made that splotch..!!.) And he has a fantastic signature - he doesn't just scribble something and move you along. He made a very big, smooth autograph.

    Rodney Harrison & Corey Dillon: They were sitting with each other and talking to each other while signing, and seemed very laid back when meeting fans. Each would occassionally give a "right on, man" to a fan or something like that.

    Joe Namath: The only athlete who ever introduced himself to me. Celebrities generally assume you know who they are. When I walked up to Namath, he stuck his hand out, flashed his wide million dollar smile and said "Hi, I'm Joe..!!" A very friendly, charasmatic guy.

    Richard Seymour: Quiet guy. Would smile for picture if requested, but not otherwise engaging with the fans.

    Deion Branch: Met him in the aftermath of his SB MVP game. His head seemed to still be spinning, like he was used to being the guy with 10 people in line for him instead of 250.

    Joe Montana: Quiet personality. Seemed like there were 1,000 places he'd rather be. Seemed to just be willing to "grin and bear it" for the day so he could collect his paycheck.

    Billy Dee Williams: Another guy with a million dollar smile. Seemed friendly and patient with all the fanboys that wanted pictures with their autograph.

    O.J. Simpson: Proving you can't judge a guy based on a 60 second meeting, he was a very warm, friendly guy. Huge hands. Spoke briefly about faith and when I left said "God bless." I genuinely liked him, so I was kinda disappointed when he cut off his wife's head.

    Steve Young: Guy needs to work on his personality. Not terribly engaging with the fans.

    Jerry Rice: Mild mannered, but very polite and friendly with the fans. He was wearing his SB24 ring the day I met him. Nice bling..!!

    Adam Vinatieri: Quiet personality, but overall a nice guy. His wife was off to the side and that is one smokin' hot female.

    David Meggett (Met him a loooooooooooooong time ago when he was with the Giants): Strong, friendly personality but he was hitting kinda shamelessly on my older sister (who was a high school senior at the time). I ain't joking.

    Manny Ramirez: It's true: The dude really does live in his own world, oblivious to all that goes on around him. I never seen so many people want an athlete's autograph in my life, and Manny was just sitting there like he was reading a newspaper or some other mundane, everyday task. Didn't really look up or anything like that...
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  7. Willie55

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    Did he want to kiss you?
  8. Crowpointer

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  9. SeanBruschi54

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    Ive met almost every single Patriots over the Past three seasons. If someone wants to know something then just ask me about a player or players and i'll say what i thought of them.

    It would take to long to list them all.
  10. Nikki

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    I haven't met any Patriots or any other NFL players :(

    But the rest of you seem like you have some great stories :) Thanks for sharing, I am enjoying reading them!
  11. rabthepat

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    Robert & Clarence Weathers - (1983 Patriots) I was a teenager and they came to basketball open gym night and tried to start a fight because they were losing to us.

    Julius Adams - spoke at my school and was a nice guy.

    Andre Tippett - met him at a karate tournament in R.I. He was a nice guy without a big ego.

    Vince Ferragamo -(LA Rams) very nice guy and down to earth.

    John Havlicek - (Celtics) nice guy very low key but he could have used a shower.

    Bobby Orr - (Bruins) met him at a charity cook out. He was a regular Joe. He is the nicest pro athlete I ever met.
  12. Chevy

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    Herschel Walker - Met him in the Atlanta airport in 2000. Nice guy, not really remarkable - except he looked fit enough to run over a few linebackers if necessary.

    Oakland Raider's Cheerleaders - They were part of a USO gig touring Bosnia. This was a few weeks after the Snow Bowl. Of course, I had my Pats leather jacket on at the time.
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  13. Patriotic

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    Russ Francis - in 2005, I met him a Pats Charity softball game. We talked about his days with the Pats. He couldn't have been nicer.

    FYI - Mosi's was a very quiet guy and Randall Gay made a spectacular catch.
  14. DarMan

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    Howard Cosell and Don Drysdale talking to each other in a hotel lobby.

    Don was quiet, almost shy but very cordial. Howard, on the other hand, came across like he does on tv. He was telling a Muhammed Ali story, loud enough for everyone within a block to hear

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