One Week before the SB and I'm still undecided

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATSNUTme, Jan 29, 2006.

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    In order to enjoy this game even a little , I need to have a team the I want to lose.

    So far no one from either team has done or said anything so stupid that it has moved me to wanting them to lose. I desparately want that to happen.

    Right now, I'm leaning toward the Steelers to win because Seattle has never won a SB and I'd like to keep them on that list.

    I'm counting on my fellow posters to keep an ear and eye out for stupid comments from either team, so I can finally decide on a team to lose.
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  3. JR4

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    I am going to root for the Seahawks.

    Main Reason is Seakhawks are the underdog
    and the media gurus are all over the steelers like flies on you know what.

    Other reasons:
    1. Holmgren is not a bad guy like I thought.
    As example, He bought a Christmas gift for his wife that was tickets to the
    Congo to go on good will trip. That was real cool. She'll have to miss the
    SuperBowl because tickets were bought 4 months ago.
    Also, He is a smart guy like Belichick and I'd like to see him do something
    no other coach has done ... win a superbowl with two different teams.

    2. I really like Shawn Alexander.

    3. I can't get over the possiblilty that Palmers knee was the result of an
    intentional twist of the leg as the Steelers guy got off the ground. It
    sure looked like it in the replays I saw.

    4. We have had so many Steeler Big mouths posting here in years past
    that I just can't root for that team.

    5. My overall impression of the Steelers is they are arrogant and big mouths.
    Certainly not Patriot like in that respect. They are being very restrained
    right now but if they win we'll get to see it.

    yeah steelers beat
    - Cincy by destroying Palmer physically.
    - a very over rated Denver ( I even predicted a blow out win)
    - Indy who chokes in the play offs ( nothing new )

    Steelers are not supermen and I think the Hawks have a good chance to win.
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    Go with the team that is going to win...


    If you are in doubt, just ask yourself a couple of questions:

    Which QB could I rely on to be poised and effective in the biggest game of his life?

    Which coach would I rather have in a winner-take-all game?
  5. Pats726

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    I have to go for the Seahawks........
    Firstly, from everything I have heard, they are nice guys not at all like those brash, loud mouth Steelers. THAT is reason enough!!
    But having to sons of Ex-Patriot players in the game is really another big reason to do want Seattle to win.
    When was the last time that area got any kind of championship?? Going back to the Sonics..years
    Steelers, first team to win a SB from a WIld Card?? No, the Patriot team of 85 got there..and no reason why this Steeler team should do any better.
    Do you any of you wish to have those loud mouth Steeler fans even louder and more repulsive?? With a Steeler win they will be.
    Think of all the Steeler trolls that have been on the you remember all that many loud mouth Hawk fans in 04 when they played??
    You wish to root for a dirty team like the Steelers,,,Bill Cowher and all his smirks?? PLus, Seattle is the under dog....Any good reason to root for the Steelers?? I see few reasons.

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