Michael Smith: Pats still go 12-4 and win the division

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  1. Rob0729

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    He was guest hosting on Mike and Mike. He said that he truly believes the Pats still go 12-4. He compared this team to the 2001 team saying it is much more talented than that team and how Brady wasn't Brady and, as Smith quoted Ron Borges about Brady's performance in 2001, "Brady threw sideways" meaning all he threw were was a bunch of screens and short passes. He broke it down by position and showed how every offensive position is much stronger than 2001 and argued that the defensive is much more talented too.

    Smith even says winning the Super Bowl isn't out of the question.

    Surprisingly, Greenberg actually conceeded that he believes the Pats will win at least 10 games although he wasn't prepared to say 12 games.
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  2. Cartwright

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    Heard it too. Makes plenty of salient points. The ironic thing is that your Division appears to be MUCH stronger than last year. All the sudden, that SOS doesn't look as cush as it did to begin the year.
  3. maverick4

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    We have a dominant defense, good special teams, the best receivers, and a strong OL and running game.

    Basically, we're like the Chicago Bears now with better receivers.
  4. dprats2

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    Losing Brady doesn't kill the team. I am looking for a winning season and the playoffs, regardless of QB. Too much talent and too good of a system to think otherwise. Besides, now the Pats will be told by the media, each week, they can't win. Can you say 'chip on their shoulders' after a couple of weeks of that kind of talk?
  5. PATSNUTme

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    All Matt has to do is to play within the game plan and not panic and make stupid throws for int's. He did a good job of that yesterday.

    If he can do that, there is enough talent on this team to win 12 games.
  6. mdhprime

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    Nice to see someone in the sports media not taking the opportunity to bad mouth the Patriots.
  7. Sting

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    My friends keep saying the same thing that the Pats have done it before. I must be doom and gloom because I can't even get close to comparing Brady in his walk on to Cassel in 2008. To me it's like night and day. I watched the pre-season and I know it's pre season but IMO Cassel should have been dumped from the Pats. Now he is number 1 unless we find another QB. I certainly hope I am gloom and doom. What I really hope for is Brady to come back but that being said I will continue to support the team. I think this season the AFC East teams are better than before meaning it will be tougher to win the division without Brady. Time will tell it's just frustrating. In some way I blame management for not having a better backup in place for the single most important position QB. Next week will be a tough game in New Jersey, I think I will go to it my son has tickets easy drive from Maine.
  8. Rob0729

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    I agree. The Pats need a game manager. If Cassel becomes that game manager, the Pats will be fine. They won't be the elite team like under Brady, but good enough to get in the playoffs and potentially do a lot of damage in the playoffs if they are hitting their stride like the Pats did in 2001 or the Giants did last year.
  9. Sivy

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    as long as we beat the jets.
  10. makoute

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    That's exactly what I posted earlier. We are still the Best team in this division.
  11. Thank God we have this years schedule.

    Personally, I don't see a loss to the AFC West and if the Dolts/Bolts keep it up... well. I am also not that sure of the "eight men in the box theory". We are talking Randy Moss.

    Also, "much improved AFC East" needs a reality check.
  12. bradmahn

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    Cassel said the playbook isn't going to be scaled down for him. If that's true, he is going to be better than a "game manager," provided he continues to make the right decisions and throws.

    I was confident that Cassel could carry this team to double digit wins in the preseason and remain so. With this defense, special teams, offensive line, running game, and receivers, all it will take is for Cassel to get the team to the playoffs and anything can (and will) happen. Until definitively told otherwise, I am going to operate under the assumption that Brady could even come back and play in the Super Bowl.

    If Brady is seriously injured, it comes at a more manageable time. Cassel has all season to "get acclimated" to playing real games against real pros now, and has a favorable schedule for the first half of the year. As I said, if they feel like it is a possibility, they could keep Brady on the roster with hopes of him being able to come back and play and they can do that because it's only week one.

    This sucks, but the season is far from over and the whole situation could end up having some positive effects, especially in making Patriots fans more appreciative of just how great the last seven years have been (and squash the Yankee attitude that has arisen: We deserve to win a championship every year).
  13. Rob0729

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    Well based on the Colts' run defense last night, I don't think eight men in the box is going to help them anyway. People may be talking about how awful their offense looked last night, but their run defense was in shambles last night.
  14. sieglo

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    Did anyone watch the game yesterday? Cassel looked like a different QB than the guy we saw in the preseason. Of course, the entire team looked like a different team as well.

    Judging Cassel on the preseason is as idiotic as judging the Pats on their 0-4 preseason record. I think he'll step up. He has to.
  15. bradmahn

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    Cassel didn't look as bad as anyone citing the stats was making him out to be, especially in week 3 of the preseason when he was making the right throws, pretty good decisions, and "struggling" because of poor offensive players around him.
  16. Disco Volante

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    Trent Dilfer still considers us "the class of the AFC".

    Tom Jackson just predicted the Pats will still have a final win total in double digits.

    Keyshawn Johnson says we win 11 games and sees us going back to the style of football that won us our first Super Bowl.
  17. karran_s

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    I think we still have a very good team, even with Brady out... If Cassell can stick to the scheme and run the plays as they are called with few errors, we could be 12-4 .... Realistically, I expect us to be around 10-6 and make the playoffs... I have no expectations on the Championship as it's too early for that. We'll know after the first few games are over.

    I'm looking forward to next week and that would be a real test for the Brady less team...
  18. juny

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    Yes, I agree. Still think the division title is not out of question with the easy schedule.
  19. NJPatsfan26

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    Any given sunday.....
  20. Grizzafted

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    game management.

    this could be a return to 03-04 style Pats ball. conservative offense, short passes, clock management, a lot of runs, and solid hardnose defense.

    deltha o'neal looked good, jerod mayo looked great, the defensive line was playing well.

    if cassel can get that dink and dunk offense under control we could be looking good. send Moss on a fly route every so often.

    im still a fan. i haven't lost hope.

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