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Likely November Fixtures for Patriots??

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Nkfan, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Nkfan

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    Jan 27, 2013
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    Hi all,

    My name is Clayton, long term fan of the Pats from Australia. I am looking to secure tickets to a Pats game (home or away) at same stage during November. I realise the official NFL fixture is released in April but i have a few questions...

    1) are there any special weekends/special dates that the Patriots always play at home or away?

    2) are there ever any clues before the official announcement?

    3) how difficult is it to secure single game tickets to a Patriots home game from the USA or overseas?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, really hoping to see the boys live this next season!!


  2. jmt57

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    Aug 13, 2005
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    Unfortunately for you, no, there are no specific dates when the team is always at home or always away.

    Some dates do get leaked out, but only in the 24 hours or so prior to the official announcement by the NFL for the upcoming season's schedule.

    Unfortunately tickets are somewhat difficult to get a hold of, with every game being sold out. The good news for you is that there is a very active 'secondary' market - i.e., you can purchase tickets that somebody else bought, and then decided to sell (as opposed to you buying them directly from the team).

    My suggestion is to get on to the Patriots waiting list; you can find it on the team's web site. You will need to place a $100 deposit, but that is fully refundable. That allows you to purchase tickets on the team's Ticket Exchange, which is the only approved way of selling tickets.

    The bad news for you is that the majority of those tickets only become available in the week or so before a game. The good news is that a number of tickets do become available for each and every game.


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