Felger...the Branch rumpswab

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  1. Pats726

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    I keep hearing so much garbage from him..it is rather sickening....
    I mean ALL the time...and he is wrong is so much of what he says.

    A few weeks ago he claimed that Branch was only doing what most NFL players would do in going for the money. Now at this point he was holding out,
    NOT playing under contract. What players was he thinking about?? If indeed his staement is true, then there should be DROVES of players sitting out and not honoring contracts and going for the bucks. But THAT is not true at all...saying that makes everyone think the Twig is doing just what all players would..but THAt is a lie!! Even this year who else held out who had a contract? Just another case of not telling the whole story at all. If Branch was a real man and honored his contract ;ole ALL OTHER players and then went for the money, I would have NO problem with that. ut the baby did not.
    And Felger's telling a BIG lie here so Branch looks good..why ALL players are doing that. What a pile of manure!!

    AND then as there was talk of Moss coming here, there was more talk of how the Patriots refused to pay Branch. Only an idiot like Felger would say that..NOT ONLY was he under contract, but the money thr Patriots wanted to pay him was similar to what he is getting now. It was Branch who refused
    to honor his contract and rejected all talks..He wanted the Patriots to tear up his current contract, something they did not do for even Brady and Seymour, But again, Felger FAILS to mention any of that...protecting the worm further.

    And then last night, he is talking about two receivers that had big games..Steven Smith who had about 190 yards receiving and Branch..Branch?? Only what 66 yards?? The he points to his head and tells us all how smart Branch is yadda yadda yadda... Another pile of manure..he runs good routes..and from what many have said..only similar routes..so praise a GREAT receiver for that amount??

    A rumppswab always pushing this guy to do no wrong..being doing what others have done...negating the fact he is a worm..and far from the humble phoniness face he puts on.
  2. patfanken

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    Amen, brother AMEN!!!!. This is a dead on assessment of the Branch situation. Don't forget the Pats offer was fairly similar. The offered him more that I thought he was worth, but the thing that keeps me from wishing him well, like most former Pats, is the fact that the straw that broke the back of his relationship with the FO, was this threat to wait until game 10 before he'd come back and HONOR his contract.

    The hold out was OK with me, even though he had a contract, but to hold out until the 10th game make me cut any ties I had with Branch as a fan. That is a quintessential SELFISH move. It would have held the Pats hostage for more than half the season. It would potentially divided the locker room, and absolutely would have been a constant DISTRACTION for the rest of the season.

    Branch was the one who FORCED that trade, and any talk that the Pats refused to pay him fair value is utter nonsense. They offer him a great deal, more than fair, but it wasn't enough and he got a better one. Good for him for getting a good deal, SHAME ON HIM for USING his team and teammates to leverage his OWN personal gain.

    BTW - I bet if some one listed ALL the WRs who gained 66 yds, the list would not only be very long, it would be full of WRs we never heard of.

    I wish only bad thing for Branch and SHAME ON Felger for trying to exploit a one game performance into a 'cause celeb'
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  3. RayClay

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    Right on, Ken. The Pats were within their rights to use him at the end of this season then franchise and trade him whenever they wanted.

    They made a great move getting the #1and avoiding the distraction.

    I personally think they have the most talent 1-5 at wide receiver than they ever have.
  4. PatsDeb

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    At least he's still not talking about how the Pats were so wrong in letting AV go!! He seems to have cooled on that one. After today he can go on and on about how the Pats are now washed up because they didn't trade for Moss. Who cares what he says? He only shapes the facts to fit his "theories" about the Pats FO.
  5. Pats726

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    But Felger doesn't even note that Branch has done anything wrong..'doing what many NFL players would do"...does Felger live in a dream world or is he an outright liar?? Yes he would have sone what NFL players do..if he played for the Patriots this year..YES THAT is what he did not do...PERIOD!! What other NFL players sat out?? Wishful thinking and creative distortion if truth..if not outright fabrication. But that is Felger..kisssing the behind of an athlete
    and wondering why people think he's an idiot. How disengenuous..don't let the facts get in the way..you may trip over them..Frankly, he should eat every word that comes out of his mouth that is untruth..and then they'd be
    a banquet for months.
  6. fgssand

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    However, most fans - not fanatics like we are - most fans continue to blame the Patriot front office for letting him get away and even call them cheap by doing so.

    Go ahead, ask your fellow co-workers about it and you will be in a position of trying to defend the F.O.

    Same holds true for Adam V, to a lesser extent.

    Now, as soon as our WR's start clicking, on about Nov / Dec (hear that NEM), all of a sudden they will begin to soften their positions a bit. Then come draft day, BB / SP turn into geniuses again with 2 #'1's.
  7. DarrylS

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    I was listening to the sports yakety yak yesterday, amazing how so many callers viewed this guy as a panacea for this franchise. Could not believe the naivete or the overall belief that this franchise is in trouble... comments about Moss ranged if we do this trade we will go to the superbowl again. Cannot believe how so many believed this internet rumor and never tried to look at the other side, effect on cap, effect on lockerroom, how his salary would cause problems with the other players and his reputation for not running out his routes etc. I knew pretty much from the onset that this was an off week diversion that would never happen in this franchise.
  8. Pats726

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    Firstly, what I pbject to is that Felger is really NOT being truthful here...
    SMith's day was great, bo doubt, but Branch?? 78 yards..outstanding???
    There were 13 other receivvers besides SMith who had MORE yrds than Branch, in fact Branch didn't even lead the Seahawks in yardage. Why was Branch's 76 yard pergormance so much better than Tory Holt's 154 or Roy WIllism's 161? The reason is so obvious..he wanst to again bring up the fact that the Pats did not give in to the twigs demands. THAT is the only reason and why Felger is a phony.

    Why us it important?? Most casual fans think he knows a lot and listen to him..just hear how MANY Patriot fans are saying the same things..untruthful as they are.. It matters that lies continue to be spread..and I don't think the AV thing will end..there were MORE untruths about Gustkowski a few weeks ago after the two blocks...and I am sure it will be brought up again and again like a broken record. He basically is a phony about the whole thing....pure and simple.
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  9. Jimke

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    Before passing judgement, let's wait until the end of the year and see

    whether any of our receivers can match Deon's production. If not,

    then our front office may be open for criticism.
  10. brdmaverick

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    you CANNOT be serious!!!!!

    you think the 2006 1-5 WR are the best in Pats history, including 2004?

    Doug Gabriel
    Troy Brown
    Reche Caldwell
    Chad Jackson
    Jabar Gaffney

    Deion Branch
    David Givens
    David Patten
    Troy Brown
    Bethel Johnson

    Terry Glenn
    Shawn Jefferson
    Vincent Brisby
    Troy Brown
    Tony Simmons

    that is preposterous!!!!
  11. Pats726

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    So is that the only yardstick needed to be used?? Or do you think the actual situation needs to be looked at?? Or just be critical because of that..What did you want the front office to do?? The amount of money was close to what he got in Seattle..the problem was Branch did NOT want to play for the contract he had this year..PERIOD!! That was the deciding thing as the money the Patriots offered was very similar to what he is getting in Seattle.
    What did the front office do wrong? WHat should they have done with a player that fialed to negotiate with the team? What do you think they should have done when instead of a counter offer, they receive a demand for taking the franchise tag being taken away? What should they have done with him since he refused to honor his contract and report to camp? What makes the Twig so special that they should have ripped up this year's contract when in the cases of Brady and Seymour they didn't even do that? Franlkly, I don't care how many yards Branch gets this year or what he does..unless one can answer those questions as to what the front office should have done, you can not even begin to be critical of the front office.
  12. Jimke

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    What the front office should have done better was plan for the eventual

    departure of both Deon Branch and David Givens. If we don't draft wide

    receivers just about every year, we will be left shorthanded whenever one

    signs with another team. In 2007 or 2008, we should be seeking Chad

    Jackson's replacement.
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  13. Pats726

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    If you are ripping the front office for not planning for that their departure, you are missing it. I know you said eventual departure..so then since Branch was under contract this year, they should have a mulligan on that as he WAS under contract and his departure could not be planned for. I think they plan in advance quiete well..they can not plan for selfish players that do not honor contracts..NO team can really plan for that. And if you saw Branch leaving like he did, you had better play a lottery or something because NO ONE say that coming at all.
  14. Oswlek

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    The front office deserves some criticism for not realizing how steadfast Branch was in his decision to treat 2006 as his FA year. Most fans, and I have to assume that includes you, completely overlook that once NE's offer kept Branch's final year intact (which is their MO, and only Brady and Seymour have circumvented this) every single move Branch made was to get out of NE.

    So fault them for not treating Branch on the same level as Brady and Seymour if you must, but you cannot fault them for anything that happened from that moment on. They offered competitive money to Branch, but he was already gone.

    Now, with regard to Givens, they couldn't give him as much as he was offered by TN because that would make Branch unsignable. Again, had they known what the Branch situation might come to, I'm sure they would have done a little differently, but letting Givens go was the right decision at the time.

    As far as not having a plan, sure they got caught with their pants down with Branch, but every indication he had given them was that he was on board. Even then, NE did draft a top WR, TE, FB and RB this year, so you can't say that they didn't have an eye on the offensive future without coming off like a fool.

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