Davon House - CB - New Mexico St.

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by DaBruinz, Nov 23, 2010.

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  1. DaBruinz

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    Supposedly has everything the Pats look for in a CB. Is better at man coverage, though many think he'll play zone equally as well. Good in run support. Good wrap-up tackler.

  2. Box_O_Rocks

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    Not televised, we must wait for the Senior Bowl.
  3. SirApropos

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    He's tall (6'0") but needs to put on some weight (178lbs) or he will get manhandled by receivers in the NFL. Then you have the question of whether that will slow him down as he runs a 4.44 now. He has good skills but hasn't played top flight competition. A Round 3-5 pick at best.
  4. Seneschal2

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    His skills alone make him a legitimate Pats prospect -- and there may be another reason to consider him.

    His head coach (also the DC) is DeWayne Walker, a highly regarded defensive mind. Walker was the Pats DB coach for 3 seasons -- two under Carroll -- and one under you-know-who :). He coached Milloy and Law during their Pro Bowl years.

    On a similar note, Walker was also the DC at UCLA, where he coached CB Trey Brown. Trey was just hired last year as a Pats scouting assistant. :)

    So if we were to continue to write this script, Davon House could be...:cool:
  5. Snake Eyes

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    Lets hope he falls, but as for his weight, I'm not worried, especially considering that McCourty is 5'11/187, not vastly different from House. Aside from that "House" is a cool name.
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  6. Taxed in Maine

    Taxed in Maine On the Game Day Roster

    I have had my eye on this kid also. Some reports show he may be up around 190lbs.
    If he does well at the SR bowl and combine, they may have to use a pick as early as the late 2nd to get him. If he is there at the Minn pick in the mid 3rd, I would be seriously thinking about taking him.

    Early in the season I said No Way to another corner, but have changed my mind. With the current status of CBs, I think another one is in order, not real early, but maybe late 2nd thru end of the 3rd.

    Possibly a ballhawking FS later in the draft as well. There are plenty of SS types on the roster, w/ BM being the only real FS.
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  7. Metaphors

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    I'm on the same track as you. Starting to zero in on that late 2nd at the target for a CB. House seems to be a likely target in the pick 70 range so the timing works. It seems pretty clear that McCourty is the Pats new prototype for a CB. House seems to fit from a height/weight perspective but I'm not sure the closing speed is there.

    The guy I'm starting to zero in on is Rashad Carmichael. VT played him all over the field (which would be important as a 3rd/4th CB behind Bodden, McCourty and potentially Butler). Little longer and slighter than McCourty but not dramatically so. Fast but it is his closing speed that stands out. Is willing in run support but no where near as effective as McCourty at this point.

    Here is the part that convinced me...

    Virginia Tech's Rashad Carmichael Is Hooked On Video -- NCAAFB FanHouse

    Sounds like the same off-the-field focus that impressed Belichick with McCourty. Should be available in the same range as House with that late 2nd round pick.
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