Belichick: "2 out of 3...way it should be"

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. SVN

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  2. Mark12

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    In Bill we trust !
  3. DaBruinz

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    I liked the last line..

    "If you lose, you go home.. "
  4. KontradictioN

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    So is this going to be the most hyped game in AFC East history? I ask because I wasn't alive for the 1985 AFCCG.
  5. reflexblue

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    And turn off the TV until the draft.
  6. slash83

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    Sounds like he is more than up for the challenge.
  7. PatsBoy12

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    Basically. I didn't watch ESPN after the 2007 debacle until the following preseason. I pretty much avoided the sports world until the start of the following season. My reward (I guess) was losing Brady in the first few minutes of the season opener.
  8. jmt57

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    Some good lines fans should be sure to read:

  9. Brady_to_Moss

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    love it! :rocker:


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    I was

    The difference here is that there was no huge loudmouths like Ryan and Scott on the 86 Dolphins....the reason why this is bigger than life is the cawkiness and swagger of the Jets while the Pats remain almost emotionless in the medias eyes
  11. mosi

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    The 1985 AFCCG had little hype. The Dolphins were going to crush the pats without question. The Pats had not won in Miami since the 60's!

    The game I want the NFL network to re-show is first playoff game that year, between the Jets and the Pats. That was the first playoff game (that I saw) in which the Pats won.
  12. reflexblue

    reflexblue Supporter Supporter

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    I couldn't watch tv for about 2-3 weeks after that loss. I've very rarely watched BSPN since. If the Pats lose to the jests it would be the same. Losing to the Jests would be almost as bad as that SB loss in 07.
  13. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    I think that Squish the Fish game was the biggest non-SB game ever for fans of the Pats; this game probably will be the biggest/most hyped for the fans from the AFC East. I didn't have the impression that Miami and Dolphin fans looked at that game or the Pats all that seriously; certainly not the way the Patriots and Pats fans are looking at the Jets and this game.
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  14. sarge

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    Didn't Julius Adams say he was going to rip Marino's face off or something like that?

    I remember when the game was coming on the showed Marino saying he liked his face just where it was.

    I think the biggest shocker about that game was not so much that the Pats won, but that they destroyed the Phins.

    Ahhh, what a season. Too bad the season came to a close there and no more football was played after that game that season. ;)
  15. sarge

    sarge Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Yeah, all the hype was about the Phins getting to meet the Bears in the SB being the only team that beat them that year
  16. coolworx

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    Squish the Fish!
  17. Deus Irae

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    Squish the fish was THE game. They'd lost by 3 in Miami during the season, and the anticipation was off the charts after having seen the Patriots defeat an 11 win Jets team and a 12 win Raiders team. It was the Patriots getting a chance to finally get past those damned dolphins.

    To say that we were going nuts watching that game would be a major understatement. I don't expect this Jets game to come anything close to that.
  18. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    The 1985 AFCCG was hyped about as much as this years Saints - Seahawks wildcard game. And the outcome was considerably more surprising.
  19. QuinielaBox

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    1985 - 1986 was a breakthrough year for the Patriots winning their 1st three playoff road games. The history before that was horrendous. The only really good team I remember was the 1976 team that lost in Oakland on the Roughing the Passer Call. Winning was never expected of the Patriots and going to the Super Bowl was a novelty. I never thought we win a Super Bowl before Tom Brady.
  20. AndyJohnson

    AndyJohnson Veteran Supporter

    Agreed. That was epic. This is a playoff game between divisional rivals that isnt even a conference championship. Ryans bombastic idiocy doesnt raise it to that level.

    Remember the commercials after that game.
    I don't remember the product, but it was something like "Would you believe a car this nice costs less than $15,000?" "Yeah, right, and the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl:rolleyes:"

    It must have offended someone because after a few days they added one that said Bears instead of Patriots.

    Someone who can find there way around this here internet thing that Al Gore invented for us, can probably find a copy of the commercial and link it here.
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