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Been waiting for today since January 20th... are you ready for some football

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DarrylS, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. DarrylS

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    With all of the off field stuff with the Patriots the off season seems shorter than usual, but it is still a long time between games. Today we begin the 2013 season and cannot wait until 1:00 PM...

    While we have speculated and wondered why BB did this or did not do that, we will see a prepared team on the field this afternoon. We have debated and argued the merits of every decision, dissected every transaction, some believing the end is near, while others believing that this team is being rebuilt before our eyes..

    Throughout the season there will be the predictable ongoing internecine catfight over Wes Welker, who should have been drafted and maybe even a dash of Tim Tebow. We will lament and wonder why things happen and what could be different. Why is BB listening to Bon Jovi on his headphones instead of calling defensive plays... :)

    Without regard for any of this, it is football season once again and we have a very good team.. how good?? Time will tell.

    The first few games will be telling, with this many rookies there will be mistakes, but if they are smart and football savvy they will not be "error repeaters" and learn this system well. This season is even more exciting as there are so many unknown variables...

    At 1:00 PM will be wearing my Belichick University T-Shirt parked on my couch, awaiting for another great ride. This team will win between 11 and 13 games... things are good fellow Pats Fans, very good enjoy it while you can.
  2. Gwedd

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    I will be wearing my sweats and a Patriots Tee, likewise parked on my couch with the sound system turned up. :rocker:

    As an Alabama fan, I had one game already to help get me a fix for my football jones, and last night there was the UMaine beatdown of UMass, and the sad loss by Notre Dame to Michigan (though I bet it made a certain Pats QB happy), so there's that.......

    But today, man..... I've also been waiting for this day.

    GO PATS!

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