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    It has been an exhausting week for me. Maybe some of you follow some soccer or atleast have heard the name Sir Alex Ferguson in the last week.
    Well he was a soccer coach. One of the best of all time. We won many things under him but we supporter critisized him for many years now not strengthening a certain position, which was a glaring weakness for everyone to see. But once the news broke that he is retiring at the end of the season none of that mattered.

    Manchester United fans reflected the whole week on what he brought to this club(franchise) and how nobody would ever be able to replicate his success. Honestly it reminded me very much on the situation with the Pats. How many times we argued that BB isn't a great GM and why he can't fix the secondary. Just look at the last draft and you know what I mean. Why can't he win the SB again etc ... But don't forget the stability that he brought to this franchise, that winning the AFCE and winning the play offs isn't a given.

    So let us all enjoy the recent success with the Pats and hope that he can win another SB with Brady, believe me once he's gone you'll miss him sorely.
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    Yeah, I watched the pre and post game, I don't follow English soccer too much now (I lived in England until I was 12 so I have a connection). I thought the same thing; it's a little more difficult for Bill to live up to fans' expectations because of the setup of the leagues, we would have won more championships if winning the "regular season" counted like in soccer in addition to their cup tournaments. In football there's only one thing to win and being the best through the regular season doesn't do it. In a way that's too bad.

    Anyway . . . I agree.

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    Can someone start petition to have hoodie day at foxboro??
  4. DarrylS

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    I wear my hoodie just about every gameday, underneath I wear my University of Belichick T-Shirt.. proudly.
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    With apologies to Calciumee and BritPat. Fergie did what he said he'd do by knocking those ****ers off their perch.

    26 years. 38 trophies. A true legend. It certainly makes me appreciate the hoodie more.
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    Couldn't agree more, as far as i'm concerned Belichick is the GOAT and he's not done winning championships. The fact that he has accomplished this ihn the free agency era makes it all that much more impressive. Despite the bleatings of those who consistently trash his drafting he has managed to completely overhaul his roster multiple times without ever dropping out of contention and the truth is that franchises simply don't do that, especially in this era, and he has done it without relying upon free agency and has maintained cap solvency consistently as a result. If belichick and Brady win another Lombardi together then even the haters are going to have to concede that both are GOAT but imo they have already accomplished that without it. As a fan it doesn't get any better than this and I am going to enjoy the rest of the run because once it ends it won't be reproduced.
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    That's a really good idea, an entire stadium clad in hoodies would be a site to see.
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    BB should go down as the 2nd greatest coach/GM in Boston pro sports history. What I find curious is that from 1986 to 2000 we had zero championships in the city. Then BB rattles off 3 in four years with the Sox winning two, the Celts winning one, and even the Bruins chipping in one all within a 10 years span. With several other finals showing as well.

    The run we have has is unprecedented and nothing like that will ever be seen again. Just interesting that it all happened seemingly at the same time and that we were able to see in prime the collective best years of Boston pro sports and probably 2-3 of the best coaching runs i.e BB, Francona, and Julien who BTW only needs 4 more wins to be the all time leader in Bruins coaching wins.
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    Bill Belichick is a better football coach than his father Steve Belichick was at the US Naval Academy (after a stint at UNC). I believe in the immutable pre-determination of genetics and fully expect Bill Belichick's son Stephen will carry on the family tradition and be way better than his Dad.

    This whole Patriot experience is just one big cosmic Groundhog Day.

    Stephen Belichick will take over for Bill Belichick, Jonathan Kraft takes over as owner from Bob Kraft, Benjamin Brady will take over for Tom Brady, and Dante Scarnecchia will get every mechanical and digital implant modern medicine can render and continue coaching offensive lines to protect the Brady bloodline well into the 22nd Century.

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    There are parallels between Ferguson and BB, but differences too. Managing a soccer team is very different from coaching a football team. It's much more a matter of selecting and motivating players and letting them get on with it than hands-on game planning and play calling.

    Ferguson breathed down his players' necks the whole time. And that's true of BB too. You have to expect to be held accountable all the time and BB will never let personal loyalty or kindness get in the way of that. Step out of line and whoever you are -- Adalius Thomas, Randy Moss -- you're out. I doubt that BB yells and screams like Ferguson (I doubt anyone does) but he's just as scary.

    But the best story about Ferguson shows it was a two-way street.

    When he was starting out in his first managerial job (at St. Mirren) he took the club on an off-season tour to the Caribbean. They were playing a "friendly" game and the local team was laying into the visitors with no intervention from the local referee. At half-time Ferguson brought himself on as a substitute (he used to play as a striker) gave the chief offender some of his own medicine and got sent off for his pains. Apparently, that brought the squad together like nothing else.

    I love the story -- it shows the difference between a boss and a leader.
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    Didn't know that story love it :D Have you seen his video where he sings Proclaimers "500 Miles" It's hilarious. I didn't want to compare the sports or anything, just the standings both have and how we should feel lucky for having him and the stability he brought to this franchise. He rebuilded this squad like not many could do.

    @ resdubwhite Love your avatar :rocker: Yes he did.

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