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    I lucked out and got a really good practice this year after missing out on seeing either Brady or Moss last season. As I result, I focused much more on offense (and Brady, Moss, Welker specifically) and neglected to get a good look at some of our youngsters. However, it was worth it. Seeing Brady & his receivers work is a thing of beauty. What Reiss says about Brady and his command or presence is 100% true.

    Also, I spent a great deal of time trying to snap some good shots w a new lens I got, so again, my reactions are going to be a little thin, but nonetheless, here they are...

    - Again, Brady just being there is pretty awesome. This will sound a little stalker-ish, but it was just nice hearing him bark out the pre-snap reads and such again.
    - Welker is ripped. Again, this may sound stalker-ish, but when he took his jersey off to sign autographs, I realized he's not as small as he looks on TV. He may look small in the middle of the field surrounding by linebackers, but don't feel sorry for little Wes, the guy is jacked.

    - Fred Taylor still has it. He had some slick moves in the 1 on 1 tackling drills and in the scrimmages.

    - On the opposite side of the field at one point, the QBs did some on the move throws. They'd move in the pocket and launch the ball down field. I hope anyone who is worried about Brady's mobility took a look. He's still slow, but he can still maneuver and he was gunning the ball downfield and accurately while on the move. This was the only time during the day in which O'Connell impressed.

    - As of yesterday, I will be shocked if Andrew Walter makes this team. I'd rather have Hoyer, though he didn't do much of anything. Walter didn't look so good, but maybe he'll get better.

    - Wheatley had the best tackle of any defender in the 1 on 1 tackling drills. Otherwise, the offense had its way. Moss makes it look easy.

    - Chung was pretty active - he broke up a deep pass to Moss...but it was admittedly blatant pass interference.

    - The Tight Ends didn't do much to stand out, but they all look big, fast & strong.

    - Galloway & Lewis look OK - Galloway had a nice catch across the middle, and Lewis had a few catches (that were all borderline out of bounds), but I still don't feel there's a comfort level like there was w Moss & Welker in the first season - maybe by the end of TC.

    Thats really about it, I spent most of the time just enjoying the fact that Brady & Moss were out there, and enjoying the scrimmages, b/c there were some real nice plays.
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