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Oct 4th

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I love the value, the pick, the potential, the future, the battles to come with him and hoyer, and the confidence Mallett has...beautiful, ridley shocked me since i dont know much about him, but vereen looks like our next faulk and ridley lux to be a heath evans, fred taylor type strong big boy back


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maybe we can trade him for a linebacker :p

I think BB believes his defense is going to be better with the addition of stroud and warren in fold. He may also be thinking of signing a free agent...OLB. It seems that most OLB in college cant handle what the genius us cooking.....
As for Mallet .....I am surprised...I think he is a phenomenal pick for a third ...and he is not Kevin O'Connell. He has a rocket arm ....and I consider him a taller ...Brady...when he was a rookie :p...he has potential....
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If BB and Brady could tame Randy Moss, they could do the same with Mallett. But as a very impatient fan, I wish the picks had immediate results.

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I'm kinda, "Eh, why not". We screwed up by not going heavy on D during a historically good early draft for D. Now the talent just isn't there anymore.

If we can help this guy turn his life around and help the team, or create future value, then great. I'm sure it will be pointed out that if he screws up here he'll be cut instantly and never get another chance in the league.


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Having Mallet makes me care less if Brady loses his job. Honestly the guy hasn't stepped it in the clutch like he used to.


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I don't know, I've to believe that Hoyer or Mallett are future trade assets.

I know the Patriots like backup quarterback Brian Hoyer. That was obvious when, as a rookie, the Pats kept just two quarterbacks, and he was one of them. No matter that Tom Brady was recovering from a brutal knee injury.

Still, my story today that focused on the possibility of grooming Brady’s successor didn’t spend a lot of time talking about Hoyer, the undrafted Michigan State product. That is, until I talked with 98.5 The Sports Hub radio host and former Pats backup Scott Zolak.

Watching the way Hoyer conducts himself and the thoughts inside the building with Matt Cassel and his development, they feel Hoyer is where (Cassel) was or better," Zolak said. "That he gives them an as good or better chance to win than Matt Cassel did. Cassel had a lot of success here, but they love Hoyer. I think Hoyer’s the guy — flat-out."


So, should the Patriots draft a successor?

"Well, absolutely not," Zolak said. "Then, you elevate a successor. If you go watch The Brady 6, you tell me if it's worth the big investment now, how many people hit on 6th, 7th round picks? It's a very rare thing. But I want to see us get a pass-rusher. You hear people talk about needs, but you don't hear people say we need to throw the ball. As soon as the kid comes in, you know he's going to sit behind Tom. … But if they take a tackle or something at 17, then a Jake Locker or someone is sitting there at 28, the value of the pick is so high, you can't do anything but take him there. That's an Aaron Rodgers-type situation, where the value overtakes the need. - Blogs: Rap Sheet» Blog Archive » What if backup Brian Hoyer is the answer to replacing Patriots QB Tom Brady?

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I am 100% stoked on the Mallett pick....I was hoping the Pats would get him this year but figured they would have to use a 2nd rounder to do get him in the 3rd..... :rocker:

Perfect spot for him....I would not be surprised to see him as the backup to Brady when the season opens....I am finally happy at our QB situation.


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I'm stunned but fascinated.

A player so personally troubled that the Bengals passed on him seems, on the face of it, an anti-Patriot pick. But...the Bengals really couldn't take him, could they? Or the 49ers, or the Titans, or anybody else who needed a quarterback.

Mallett had to go to a team that DIDN'T need a QB. This way he doesn't have to be a leader, at least not right away. He knows he's disposable. The team has the chance to benefit from his tremendous potential, but can cut its losses immediately if he can't get it together.

With the Patriots he starts out as the #3 QB. He'll have to work and learn in a no-nonsense atmosphere with strong role models and strong coaching. When you think about it, where else?


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BB took a flyer on a player who, without exaggeration, is a better pure passer than Brady. Give him 3-4 years to learn from the master and Brady to Mallett will be as seamless as Montana to Young. If it doesn't work out, no big deal, they still have a rock solid backup in Hoyer. Judging by the Ridley pick, BB was not overwhelmed with the front 7 talent available.

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Hypothetically if Bledsoe was drafted in the 3rd round of this draft I think he would of been better for it. Being drafted number 1 to a 1-15 team was trial under fire. He was thrown in there and expected just to throw it. Had he been able to learn in a winning environment under the best QB and the best coach maybe his decision making wouldn't of been so bad at times. He learned some terrible tendencies like throwing off his back foot and tried to make things happen when there was nothing there.

Maybe we get a 2nd chance at a guy with a huge arm who can be taught the right way and be the QB we always hoped Bledsoe would be?

3 years from now this may be a blessing.


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Mallet has the best arm in the draft, he dropped into round 3 because he likes to party.


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Mallett's physical skills really remind me a lot of Drew Bledose. Huge, prototypical size at 6'6 250 lbs. A pocket passer with a rocket of an arm but leaden feet.

So, if Mallett works out, in the BB era we'd transition from Bledsoe to Brady to Bledsoe's reincarnation? ^_^ Football really does appear to be cyclical, doesn't it? The only fly in the ointment is that Mallett comes with serious character concerns. Bledsoe was a clean kid.

I guess that's why Mallett is available in the 3rd instead of being the #1 overall pick. Sooo you've got to take the good with the bad. If Mallett was a perfect prospect he wouldn't even be around for the Pats to draft.


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I understand why we took Mallet, and I could live with it if we filled our needs, but we didn't. Mallet will never be a starter in New England, he is essentially a future draft pick. We will coach him up and trade him in the next 2 years or so, hopefully for a 1st round pick. He's going to be a free agent before Brady retires so I don't think he is the guy they are grooming to take over. Developing QB's in good business in the NFL, so I understand it, but we didn't address our needs, so I don't like this kind of luxury. Hopefully he will shine in the preseason and show flashes in garbage time against teams like the Bills so we can trade him for a 1st next year, but their is always the risk he doesn't pan out and we wasted a top 75 pick. Their is a reason every team in the league passed on him, so their are risks associated.


I like the pick given the round Mallett was selected.

Ron Wolf took a ton of QBs, while having Brett Favre under center because he knew the value of QBs in the NFL. After selecting Mark Brunell in the 5th round, the Packers traded him to Jacksonville for a third and fifth round picks, where he had a successful career.

Aaron Brooks was traded from Green Bay to New Orleans for a third, essentially.

Matt Hasselbeck was selected with a seventh round pick and then used in a trade that netted the Packers the 10th overall pick and a third round pick [costing them their 17th overall pick and a seventh round pick].


Maybe Mallett stays in New England to develop into a quality back-up or even starter, or maybe he gets traded for a third round pick in a year when there is better talent to be had.

Who knows?


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My favorite pick so far.

Build his value up and trade for a high rounder.Some team will eventually lose its starting QB and this guy has name recognition. Teams are fearful of him, but once they see him play?

Not quite the Matt Cassel value ratio, but very doable.
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