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Sep 12th

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In the Starting Line-Up
- #1 seed in a very tough NFC.
- #3 ranked offense, #4 ranked defense.
- #1 point differential in the NFL this year.
- Home field advantage in the NFCCG.
- Points allowed at home this year: 24, 7, 24, 10, 23, 3, 10, 6, 10. Last four home games, they've allowed a total of 29 points (7.3 per game).
- Nick Foles, outside of his time with a terrible StL team in 2015, has a record of 18-10.
- Power running game in Blount and Ajayi.

- #1 ranked defense in the NFL.
- Dynamic receiving threats in Diggs and Thielen.
- Keenum has been really solid for them.
- Riding momentum from an incredible divisional win.
- Very good on the road (25.8 ppg in their last 6 road games, 6-2 record).
- If they win the NFCCG, they will have, in effect, a home game in the Super Bowl.

- #5 ranked offense, #2 ranked defense.
- Can win low scoring game (10-3 vs Buf) and high scoring game (45-42 vs Pit).
- Proven it can win big games on the road.
- Dynamic running game with Fournette.
- Defense generates a ton of turnovers.
- The Tom Coughlin factor vs. NE - he might make a huge difference.

New England
- #2 offense in the NFL (#2 points, #1 yards).
- #5 scoring defense.
- Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time, and the winningest playoff QB ever.
- Home field advantage.
- By FAR the most postseason experience of the remaining four teams.
- Their running game matches up well with Jacksonville's main defensive weakness (the inside run).
- Gronkowski is practically impossible to match up with.
- Belichick has a massive coaching advantage.

How I'd rank them in terms of likelihood of winning it all:
1. New England - Best overall team, best player, best coach, HFA.
2. Minnesota - Best defense, must win on the road in the NFCCG, but HFA in a Super Bowl if they get there.
3. Philadelphia - Great defense, HFA in NFCCG.
4. Jacksonville - Great defense, but have to win a road game in the AFCCG, and then possibly another "road" game vs Minnesota in the Super Bowl.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
the jags better be careful. they are STILL talking **** about the team they beat last week, and you have to wonder if maybe they forgot they still have another game to play before the superbowl.