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Welcome to the Pats, Will Grier

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Dec 3rd


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Not sure what they're looking for. I know Grier had a lot of buzz coming out of college, but don't think he's shown anything so far.

sb1 Retired Jersey Club

Almost like he knows Mac Jones is going to take a beating with this offensive line...
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Sciz Supporter Supporter
I like the roster strategy recently. Use practice squad elevations to fill out the game day roster in the short term while using the actual roster spots on waiver claims and signings from other practice squads, players that you can’t sign to to your own practice squad.

Now we just need this to result in an actually useful player.

Bourne Again Christian

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It’s a shame Corral didn’t pan out.
I wonder if it was the Pats or Matt who pulled the plug on the PS signing.
Like imagine Matt is mentally in a bad place he gets told he’s being signed to the PS while he gets thru this MJ goes on IR and the Pats are like sorry Matt we can sign Grier to the active roster now.

Also imagine Zappes feeling.
But Bills Shrewdness could of traumatized poor Matt wow.

sb1 Retired Jersey Club
This also suggests that they don't view Cunningham as an NFL QB.
Yeah they really think they can make him a WR I guess. Not sure he showed anything in camp and preseason to back that up but I guess we'll see.

TomPatriot Supporter Supporter
Interesting tidbit is that he was chosen with the pick before Cajuste in the 2019 draft. I wonder If he was high on their board.


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Hopefully he leapfrogs Zappe and the forum Zappites will Bail on him.

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