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DRAFT Welcome - Sam Roberts - DT - #200

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:


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WTF are they saying when "the school ran out of scholarships" so he had to switch sides of the ball. Colleges aren't required to recruit a certain number of players for certain positions. They have a single number of schollies available. They can use them all on safeties if they want (don't tell Bill). I don't understand.
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The 2020s colloquial meaning of "say less" is probably the exact opposite of what you think it is.

Oh damn, urban dictionary says it means "I understand"...I thought this was Bill telling the guy to shut up. The pats social media guy is probably some generation Zer.
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Just read an article noting Gosselin (the author of your 2nd link) was the guy who put Julian Edelman on Belichick’s radar screen.
Mother Goose: Sportswriter Who Discovered Patriots Super Bowl MVP Strikes Again in 2022 Draft?
That’s a great article. That’s the cool thing about a lot of these small school guys we’ve never heard of. All the stories of mental toughness, being an underdog, accomplishing their dreams, but also who the hell got them on the Patriots radar. Thanks!


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If he can produce at a higher level then Roberts could be a genuine find......will keep my eye on him during camp etc.


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Here is another article on Roberts:

I think that Roberts has a shot making the team over someone like Tavai because of special teams play. Tavai was less than stellar last year. And we need people to replace King, Bolden, Collins and Olzsewski.

" He blocked five kicks in college (three FGs, two PATs)."