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Patriots draft Record

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by jsull87, Oct 5, 2012.

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    I had a thought today whilst looking at this team and i thought i would share it with everyone to see what your opinions are.

    Here is the pats draft record over the past couple of years (mostly since Pioli). I would like to know how you think they went and also in hindsight with all it's 20/20 other teams have done better? Where would you place the pats especially taking in to account our winning record over this time and thus low draft position. I am not including the busts i am just going to give you the players who have contributed and the picks we were given.

    Picks then Players:


    2008 Jerod Mayo LB*, Matt Slater* ST/WR


    2009 Pat Chung SS, Ron Brace DT, Sebastien Vollmer* T, Myron Pryor DT (IR), Julien Edelman PR/WR/DB


    2010 Devin McCourty* CB, Rob Gronkowski* TE, Jermaine Cunningham DE, Brandon Spikes LB, Aaron Hernandez* TE, Zoltan Mesko P, Brandon Deadrick DT


    2011 Nate Solder OT, Dowling DB (IR), Shane Vereen RB (IR), Ridley RB, Mallet QB2, Marcus Cannon T/G


    2012 Chandler Jones DE, Dont'a Hightower LB, Tavon Wilson DB/FS, Nate Ebner ST

    I have only included players still contributing to the pats and no UDFA's even tho we have done well with them. *denoted a pro bowler or all pro team 1/2 team being made. IR denotes players production limited by injury.

    So in summary how do you think we have done with the picks we have there and the players we have received?

    Personally i think we have done a very good job and would place us in the top 5 drafters since 2008.

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