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Patriots are signing Patrick Chung

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I guess they think he'll fit better as a cover-1 SS? I don't know, the guy just seemed like he couldn't play period to me.

dales804 Supporter Supporter
And I hope he's cut in TC. Saw a mock draft today that had Pryor falling all the way to 29 for the Patriots. I would LOVE for that to happen.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Maybe the team feels it's important for Tavon Wilson's self-esteem that he knows there's someone he can beat out at safety?


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Tom Curran's sources also told him they were in on Larry Fitzgerald. :singing::singing:

Hopefully the Chung rumor is coming from the same source.


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Eh, likely won't cost much. I always liked Chung, sadly he was not very good.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Everyone, repeat after me

"Pass completed for a first down. Patrick Chung was in the area."

We might as well get in some practice saying it.


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Somehow he managed to be worse for philly than he was in New England...and that takes some doing!


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I saw flashes of potential with Chung in 2010 and 2011. He played great in the SB vs the Giants. I think his 2012 season was pretty bad though considering he got benched. I didn't watch many Eagles games and when I did he didn't really stand out.

My take on this move is that BB sees SOME potential in Chung and wants to see if he ll do better as the SS in the single high safety coverage. He would play to his strengths because I remember Chung being a pretty good run defender and better at playing in the box.

Another thought that I had on this signing was that BB saw our draft needs/draft board and realized he wasn't gonna be able to take a highly regarded safety because of our more pressing needs at OL, DL, LB, and TE. Might as well bring back Chung on little money and give him a shot to beat out Harmon/Wilson/Wilson for SS role.


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There is a 90 man roster limit. It means nothing. 37 players will be cut.

I feel like it's also worth quoting myself to point out that Patrick Chung will more than likely be among those 37. Or He'll replace Tavon Wilson.

Either way, literally nothing changes. This signing means absolutely nothing.

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I wish I remember who it was that said it here, but I always liked this quote: Patrick Chung has the body of a free safety but the game of a strong safety.

So knowing the above, depending on the price, I think this could be a good signing for the Pats as someone who can play the hybrid SS/coverage linebacker role for 4 games until he gets hurt because he's not built for the role. Let's just hope they're not planning on having him actually play cover 2 safety again....

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