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n6249c Supporter Supporter
Just saw a description of how Belichick starts training his new assistants.
What is padding, and what makes it arduous?
When padding games, assistants are required to watch tape of a given game and — on every single play — draw the offense and defense on a sheet of paper, and map out the movement and assignment of each player on the field. They’re also asked to note everything from receiver and offensive-line splits to tendencies and protections, along with deeper observations about what players on each side are trying to accomplish on the play.

Bill Belichick’s old-school method to developing coaches starts with pencils, papers and patience


The Tom Brady Of Not Having A Gf Supporter
I kinda remember this information coming out in the past too. Definitely serves as a concrete reminder that there's no secret to what's going on here; just people willing to put in the tedious and boring work.
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