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OT Shaq Barrett 2year old daughter passes away

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Sep 24th


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That’s just so horrible. How does one overcome that ? My thoughts go out to him, his family and friends. Heartbreaking.

Patriot Missile

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I can’t even begin to imagine. So sorry for the family and for anyone else this has happened to. It’s just tragic.

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this is nightmare fuel for any parent

i cant even imagine


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unlike in the movies Catholic nuns in real life don’t look that way and people drowning do so quietly, under the water. There’s no thrashing about.

I was annoyed that forms at my children’s doctors’ office by some left of center group asked about guns in the home but completely disregarded whether or not my children were being taught to swim.

More children die by drowning that die playing with dad’s gun.

I remember reading in a newspaper a heartbreaking story of a family that had driven up from southern New England to a lakeside rental in NH. While they were unpacking, their daughter went missing for a few minutes. Tragically, she drowned going down to the lake.

It happens so fast.

When I see a pool I see danger for young children.


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That's horrible. My heart goes out to that family.

Back in the day, we were house shopping while expecting our first child. We looked at a house with a pool and it was a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and ruled it out on the pool alone. I think years later we might have felt differently.


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Sad news indeed

RIP little one

Thoughts and prayers for Shaq and his family

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