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OT: James Caan has passed away

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Oct 2nd
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Mr. Caan ended up playing Sonny, quick to anger and ultimately gunned down on a causeway. He threw himself into the role so fully that for years, he said, strangers would say things to him like “Hey, don’t go through that tollbooth again.”

Some even mistook him for a real mobster. “I’ve been accused so many times,” he told Vanity Fair in 2004. “I won ‘Italian of the Year’ twice in New York, and I’m not Italian.”



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RIP 'Santino'
He certainly had one helluva career. Ironically his range may have kept him from achieving an iconic sort of status and yet he provided an iconic character to three separate generations...

The way I think of James Caan:


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captain stone

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Agent 99 .... one of my early television crushes (along with Elizabeth Montgomery)

The blonde chick AND the brunette chick from Petticoat Junction


The wife of Mister Ed's owner

Ellie Mae Clampett


Morticia Addams

Mary Ann Summers

Laura Petrie

There might be others, but these are off the top o' my head...


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Godspeed to Larry Storch … he warned you Dobbs! … great voice actor and impressionist .. gone at 99 speaking of that number


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Godspeed to Larry Storch … he warned you Dobbs! … great voice actor and impressionist .. gone at 99 speaking of that number
At first the name did not register with me but now I realise that he played the corporal in F-Troop , another great show from my childhood

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One more thing about Larry Storch, which I didn’t know until reading his bio. He went to high school with, and remained close friends with until the death of … Don Adams.

And as I failed to do so before in this thread, Z”L to The Bronx’ favorite Jewish cowboy, James Caan
"Chief, name changed, we go commando?"

"We already go commando, Stupid!"

"But we dress different for powwow?"

"Forget it, I root for Patriots now!"