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OT In-Depth Interview with Mac Jones on pocket passing, film review

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Sep 12th

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Not sure where this goes, it was too good not to share. Of all people, Mark Sanchez has an awesome hourlong interview with Mac Jones. The 10:00 mark they talk about Mac having a tennis background (like Brees), and Mac explains how the instinctive pocket slide buys time and his receivers always know to run hard because they know he's not tucking the ball in to run. A possible knock on these dual threat QBs where it affects your own WRs when you tuck the ball to run. 11:00 mark Mac talks about the importance of keeping your eyes up even while sliding. 14:00 QBs he studies, 16:00 QB orchestrating all the pre-snap motions and adjusting when teammates misremember, 18:00-36:00 in-depth film review of specific plays and Mac draws up what's happening with commentary by Steve Sarkisian. 48:00 Sarkisian talks about how Mac benefitted from Sark being the Falcons OC for 2 years before going to Alabama and learned pro/rpo concepts and how to study/train.

Fun interview. I had always heard Mark Sanchez was a fantastic TV guy (could be like Romo or A-Rod on TV, I think) and this shows. Entertaining to watch especially with Gruden not doing those QB interviews anymore, could be a nice lane for Sanchez on TV.
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