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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Saints @ Pats

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Dec 18th

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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I feel lucky Brady whent to an excellent team I don't despise so I can still have a power house team to root for. It definately softens the blow if we wind up in the cellar for a few years. It's not like rooting for the Pat's as a life time New England-er, but it definately softens the blow.


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The main issue is a lack of separation for much of the game. Also we need to open up the play book and get more aggressive/creative. Crossers and better calls. We need to get more motion and mess up their protections with some designs as our guys can't win straight up 1v1s.


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Saints are blitzing constantly - short pass (slant to Bourne) offense should have been in place from the beginning. You can't be doing 7-step drops against blitzes.

It's like McD is completely unprepared for this kind of pressure. Saints DEs in the weakside are flying off the corner. All those play actions have a DE right in Mac's face every single time.


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So what did we get in exchange for trading Sony? A bag of balls or did they throw in some kicking tees too?


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Mac has been brutal today, maybe that will calm the hype down.
If you that think this pathetic performance on offense is Mac’s fault, you are either not watching the game or you are a Mac hater and are hoping that he fails.

They can’t run the ball and he is either getting pressured or hit on virtually every pass play. Not to mention the drops by their number one free agent on offense.

Some people here have short memories. Let’s review Tommy’s performance in the Bucs game against the Saints, under very similar pressure thoughout the game, surrounded by far superior skill position players, shall we:


Was that also Brady’s “Welcome to the NFL” game? Putzes.

Hammer of Thor

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Game summary:
- Jones under horrendous pressure every snap, leading to horrible interception.
- Line couldn’t leave Bailey out of the fun, leading to blocked punt.
- Can’t get 1st down until midway through 2nd quarter, costs James White to get it.
- Defense decides to leave Kamara uncovered on 3rd and goal after blowing coverage on previous plays
- Inconsistent play against the run.
- Inconsistent pass rush, when they finally get going, leads to a helmet catch-like TD.
- Go for it in 4th and 1, false start.
- Saints kicker misses two field goals

Somehow it’s only 14-3 for all that. The above mentioned field goals play a part of it, but they’ve played the half like they should be down 28-0.


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It doesn’t matter if the WR can’t get open when the pass never reach the WR and finish in the ground 5 yards earlier. There is a reason no team approached him since he has been cut
He was clearly a problem, just saying it went beyond him.
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