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NFL, St. Louis settle for $790 million

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Dec 6th

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Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
The NFL has resolved its remaining business in St. Louis.

With payment of $790 million, the league will settle the litigation arising from the relocation of the Rams. PFT has confirmed the amount of the deal.

The settlement occurred thanks to a mediation session that began on Tuesday. The negotiations culminated in an agreement that avoids the uncertainty of a trial, which the NFL could have lost badly. Also, St. Louis could have prevailed, but with a much smaller judgment than the payment the public entities will receive. The public entities also don’t have to wait while multiple layers of appeals are pursued...

NFL, St. Louis settle for $790 million - ProFootballTalk


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Rams paid 645 million to relocate to LA to the NFL... Each team nets just over 20 million gross, over a 10 year period...

The NFL pays St Louis 790 million because of the move to LA... Each team now has to shell out 24 million and change due to the Rams / goodells deceitful business practices... No way kronke is ponying up all that by himself...


One hell of a way to run a business Roger...

If I'm San Diego & Oakland I start looking around at those franchise moves


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St Louis would be cut and dried.

The blueprints are already completed and the site selected. The NFL stadium would have been next Laclede's Landing by the river adjacent to Arch. You could throw a rock from the new proposed NFL stadium and hit the old Rams haunt - the Edward Jones dome.



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Plus STL is rumored to possibly get a new NFL team.
Those rumors, which I never put much stock in, were purely a function of the lawsuit. The rumor was that promising St. Louis an expansion team would be part of any arranged settlement. Obviously that did not come to pass.

I cannot imagine the NFL awarding a team to St. Louis at this point.


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Each of the vaunted 32 get to kick in less than a fraction of Goodell's salary. A pittance.
I'm fairly certain that this is the reason why the league insisted on a 208.2 million Sal Cap for 2022.. They knew they'd be paying this and needed to cover it.

BTW, 24.6875M per team is nothing to sneeze at. Even if that number is 38.6% of Goodell's salary. Goodell got bonuses for the new 10 year TV contracts..


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Each of the vaunted 32 get to kick in less than a fraction of Goodell's salary. A pittance.

It is likely each team will pay something but Kroenke will personally eat a larger portion than any of the other much is TBD. .

I wonder if somewhere in the settlement the league agrees to give St Louis a new team in the future.
It does not.

The owners must be super happy at all of this.

The Raiders especially should now sue the NFL. The Raiders shouldn't pay a nickel of this.
I suspect they aren't the least bit happy about having to write big multi-million-dollar checks.

The Rams couldn't have moved in the first place without the collective approval from the owners/league...

...including the Raiders, they will pay their fair share.


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That would be incredible...

how great would it be if Stan had to
give the Rams name and logo back?
They could go with the “ Los Angeles Fakers“ it rhymes great with their basketball team, and is a perfect description for a good percentage of the people who live in that city. Hire LeBron to design the mascot and run the marketing campaign. What could go wrong.