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Good athlete, no leg drive, would have been an udfa. Hate wasting picks on random udfas in rhe 4th round.


Froholdt was a pretty well-known prospect, generally projected as a 4th-6th round pick.

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don't understand why so many keep thinking the Pats should draft a QB when Brady has at least 2 years left, probably 3. Next year is the year.

Especially when they all pretty much suck.


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Hjaite had a pretty impressive 3CT and 20YS. That quickness of foot shows up on film. He's good at getting where he needs to be and getting to the 2nd level. A little light but the kind of guy you like. Putting on weight and strength is one of the things that's easy to do with time.


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Redwine is gone. I would like him in Pats' uniform.


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I'm growing to hate the Titans. They have jumped up and stole our players multiple times. Vrabel has learned well and might be the most dangerous BB disciple out of them all.
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I had Froholdt in a couple of my mock drafts. I didn't put him in my picks contest annoyingly. He was close to making it. He was certainly on the radar of us in the draft forum.

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Great pickup for the OL...Swiss army knife type......Can backup C also ....
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