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Sep 12th

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The suggestion that Sports Talk Radio is advocating for a more aggressive approach to have gotten Fields is only out there to create controversy. Doing errands yesterday and listened to bits and pieces of their view of the draft.. there was concern about Barmore and Stephenson and their pot use ( the horrors that a college kid would smoke dope). They were finagling a way to try to create controversy over the drafting of Jones, something about how BB listens to Saban more than his scouts... yada, yada, yada, yada...

What always concerns me when this sort of thing happens is the silence of Zolak, who probably knows more about the inner workings of this team than most of the local sports pundits. As time passes I listen less and less to sports radio pundits, and it is obvious that their mission is to "gin up" controversy rather than to inform the fans and create an environment where common sense is a greater value than faux outrage.

I still try to figure out why I should dislike Jones who had a 4.0 GPA and a double major, completed 77% of his passes, 41 TD's and 4 int's while playing in the SEC and National Championship.. the Pats also did not have to cash in any draft assets to get him.
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