Networks to use fake crowd noise at games without fans

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Reminds me of when Fox tried to put in-game music in the background. Stupid...

I'd rather hear the sounds of the game.


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I detest laugh tracks as I'm not laughing at the poor job of comedian. Now, they want fake crowd noise?


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The media generally phases the crowd out of Super Bowl telecasts to give the impression of a neutral setting.

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Actually I think the radio broadcast would now definitely be the best way to go. This may be the year I mute the TV and stream Zo and Socci over the game

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Question to the crossover football/wrestling mouth breathers who post/misspell on this board:
Has the WWE....aka ‘essential business’ .....piped in crowd noise during their fan free, live events from the great state of Florida, where freedom rules?

Bonus question: If no piped in sound distractions, are the clear-as-day grunt sounds extra glorious?

I’d watch myself but I’m cheap and show times too often coincide with Three Stooges marathons


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is technology not far long enough to get this done. When they cut and show the crowd, I don't see any reason why they can't cut to a crowd from old footage or green screen the seats with billboards etc.

Also, why can't the Browns and Saints at least have full stadiums? They know how to put on brown paper bags lol.


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Do they pump the fake noise into the stadium for the players to hear, or do they just mix it into the TV broadcast for just the TV viewers to hear and it remains silent in the stadiums?


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Does Buffalo still get to blow that steam horn when the opposing offense is lining up? I always thought that was on the edge of poor sportsmanship.


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I know this is weird and all, but actually I don’t hate the idea.

I just don’t want dead silence.


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I'd rather just focus on cheerleader game reactions and maybe a sexy cat fight between the squads.


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Here comes CrowdGate...

NFL: NE being investigated for going over the allowed decibel limit for home game crowd noise.

Kraft: But guys, it's not even being played in the stadiums... the fans are the only ones that can hear it on tv...

NFL: QUIET! 1st round pick.

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I was really looking forward to being able to hear players communicate. I think it would be a phenomenal alternate experience. Instead, we get piped in crowd noise? Cheezus.

I blame Goodell.
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