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Let's do our best not to be Rex Ryan and the Jets

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Sep 12th

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Another thing is that is being missed this free agency. Yes, Belichick is paying big dollars for free agents this offseason. But except at TE, he hasn't really signed the top player at the position even if he wasn't a scheme fit. He mostly targeted players who would fit the Pats' scheme or what Belichick is trying to do. Joudon and Mills are those guys that Belichick loves because he can move them around all over the place. Anderson fits a specific need. And so on.

So many GMs who make a splash the first day of free agency just want to get a big name. Some of them say that they will gear the offense or defense around their new acquisition rather than get someone who fits the existing scheme. Others will ignore more glaring needs to get the big name.

Sure some or all of the free agents singed last week could end up being busts or disappointments, but not for the same reason other teams have failed like the days under Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum.

Wordsmyth Supporter Supporter
There's an awful lot of optimism around these parts this week, with good reason. Belichick strengthened every position group with his free agent signings, except quarterback.

But, I kept having flashbacks to all the threads mocking Rex Ryan and the Jets for winning the offseason every year and then underperforming except for 2010 when they beat the Patriots in the Divisional round and gave the Steelers a game in the AFCC.

I like what is shaping up to be a better Patriots team in 2021, especially on defense, but I'm not sure that the Bills are going to take a step backwards and there are other AFC teams who look to be more competitive who start out ahead of the 7-9 Patriots. Cleveland and Tennessee have made a few moves to shore up weaknesses or add depth. I don't know what Indianapolis and Miami are doing. Maybe their big moves will come in the draft. Neither of those teams has gotten better so far, and Miami looks like it's taking a step backward after re-tooling in 2020 with success.
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I get what you're saying, but I'm not seeing a lot of people going overboard with their predictions for the team at the moment. Sure, there's a few... exuberant posters who are touting a Super Bowl appearance in March, but most of the vet posters I've seen top out at 10 wins if Cam Newton is still the starter.

What's important is that the team has added talented competition to DL, LB, TE, and WR (the four positions we needed competition the most, outside of QB which it's own conversation), and maintained a relative level of talent at the positions that were already strengths of last year's team (OL, secondary). The one position that hasn't been addressed at all is RB, where we need a couple bodies to fight for that 3rd down role.

But again, no one should be booking tickets to California yet. But mostly I've seen people who believe this is a wild card team. Considering they may only have to win 3 more games this year to do that (maybe 4, but with a little luck 3), I don't think this falls into "OMG we're the JETS now!" territory yet.
Agree for the vast majority except the 3rd down back role. James White is under contract last I checked.

Sure, I'd like a younger version of him to start grooming for 2022 and beyond, but I don't see that position/role as a concern on gamedays this year.

woolster22 Supporter Supporter
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The reason he's spending in free agency is because he got Brady, Antonio Brown and Stephen Gostkowski's money off the dead money list. When you know you're going into free agency with around $65 million in cap room, you know you can target particular players.

What I like is what @p8ryts posted above. Belichick is resigning his own players, recent Patriots, and good veterans in their mid- to late-20s that fit with the guys under contract. Between the return of opt-outs, especially Hightower and Danny Vitale, and the return of Trent Brown, Van Noye, Bolden, and Wise, the Patriots have a more veteran team that knows the playbook and the approach to practice and game prep.

I don't know all signees that well, but I don't see any knuckleheads like Antonio Brown who create distractions that this team doesn't need.
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Wax Frog

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At this very moment I'm doing all I can to not be Rex Ryan and the Jets. Go me!!!! <fist bumps self>


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Agree for the vast majority except the 3rd down back role. James White is under contract last I checked.

Sure, I'd like a younger version of him to start grooming for 2022 and beyond, but I don't see that position/role as a concern on gamedays this year.

I agree. I think at the time I wrote that he hadn't been re-signed yet.


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There is nothing wrong with being excited about the new players we signed and the team as a whole. They filled needs and strengthened the overall team greatly. A team that went 7-9 with a tougher schedule last season. There seems to be one large hole remaining to either trade for or fill through the draft, and then to see where the rest of the draft picks compete and beat out seasoned vets. Qb, well hopefully we will draft one, trade for one, or one of the two currently on the team will bring their game to the next level and make us that much better. The Jets would have a crappy team, add 1 or 2 high profile players and the media would call them afc east champions.