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Jared Goff may be available [update: traded to Lions]

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It almost seems like shanahan doesn't trust him to run their offense. In the NFCCG last year he made a total of 8 passes
Well to be fair the 9ers’ ground attack ran roughshod over GB in that game. Jimmy showed his ass in LIV however by having a putrid 4th quarter.

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Fireable offence to give Goff that huge contract after only 3 years. I can’t see any team dumb enough to take on that contract for a guy who’s not very good.


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I think the rams are stuck. No one is reading for that contract. At least with Jimmy G they can cut him and have no repercussions to the cap.

So many teams looking for upgrades. It's why people on this board make it so simple "draft a guy #15 and you are all set!" In reality there's teams who thought they were happy (niners and rams) who were super bowl teams. Looking to move on.

The guy you draft at #15 may end up being Goff or wentz and then you are back looking for someone.


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I just feel that if Bill and the Patriots organization is high on him still they must feel the niners aren't using him correctly and they have the perfect system for him.

We see with Tannehill that sometimes guys just need a different system to excel
He reverted right back to being Tannenhill in the playoffs. Same thing with Foles this year. Guys are what they are. The body of their career will let you know who they are. Don't get distracted by little flashes, good or bad.


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Rams got a steal!

Edit: the Lions got a steal. Two firsts to take that contract? Rams have been morons with their draft picks.
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Goff is the typical college QB running the "look at the coach on the sidelines offense". If the play doesn't go as scripted, he's ineffective.

He's pretty good though. Good stats. I see an Alex Smith type of career which can be pretty good.


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rams dumped a marginal QB with a big contract and got a better guy for a few years.....but the draft pick cost is high......

The draft pick cost is relative. Those late first rounders are entirely overrated to what players are usually available there.

Their future will be more written by injury luck for a really top heavy team and a by how their r2/r3 picks work out to fill out the team.