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Is anyone still worried about the Bills?

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Dec 6th

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The division is still up in the air only because Mac's a rookie but it sure seems as the team is buying into BB and gelling at the right time, and Buffalo, well they're just being Buffalo.


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The Bills have Allen and Diggs, the rest isn't anything you can't find on any other average team. Their defense is pretty much the same as last year, built to stop the pass and they are vulnerable to a physical running game. They can't run very well either, just big chunk plays on obvious passing downs that pad the stats with bloated but meaningless numbers.
If we pressure and contain Allen while Diggs is doubled, its over. The Bills "mafia" are in full crisis mode now, their sense of entitlement they've had since Brady left has now been severely damaged. :cool:

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The Bills are unpredictable and a bit of a front running team. You never know what you're gonna get with em...there's a word for that hmm let me see if I can find it...oh yeah. They're a wildcard team. Lmfaooo



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Well coached but they have weaknesses like everybody else.
I'm not sure if the team I saw out there today could be considered well coached. It was painfully obvious watching the Colts and Bills play that one team was ready to give 100% in that game and one was not.


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They are too talented to count out. Look at the chiefs right now compared to where they were a month ago. They could still right the ship. That said, the games against them look alot more winnable rriggt now

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Looks like a team who plays better as the underdog. After that KC game where they looked like a favorite for the super bowl they lost their mojo.


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My opinion of the Bills has not changed. They have enough talent to hang with anybody but they are inconsistent. They are still a threat to us. I hope they fall apart but I don't expect them to.

Their star lb Edwards hasn't played the last two games. He is elite and is coming back at some point. Their defense is so much better when he plays from what I have seen.

I'm extremely happy we are currently in first place but I don't want to celebrate too soon.


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This kind of stuff happens most seasons, K.C. Was slipping up for a few weeks but now appear to be playing well again. Tennessee sucked at the beginning of the year but other than their loss today they have been playing well. The Patriots hurt themselves with mistakes and poor play early but now are playing really good football. Things are falling into place for the Patriots and that’s great but they are going to have to continue to improve and beat their primary competition down the home stretch. Given the state of the AFC, and football in general, I wouldn’t write any of the contenders off, and I feel like the Patriots need to go 3-1 against Tenn, Indy, and Buffalo twice. If they can do this they will be in prime position for the playoffs. I’m happy about the Bills recent struggles but every week is a new challenge for the Patriots:

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Not afraid of Allen. Playing on the road on Monday? That's gonna still be tough. Gotta get the lead early and take the crowd of soccer hooligans out of the game.


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So, living in Buffalo, what they are really talking about is how the Covid issues have trashed the team. Losing key guys each and every week and having guys out 10 days at a time and you can't build any continuity at all...

Employers all over the country have put their foot down. The Bills owner must be livid that these guys have trashed their season.

This is what the fans around here are saying anyway.


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Way too early to write off Buffalo. Most teams suffer through a bad stretch. Sometimes it means you're a fraud, sometimes it's just a hiccup and you re-emerge as a contender. Just a month ago the Patriots were 2 - 4 and the Chiefs 3 - 4, now we're talking about them like they are both destined to meet in the AFCC game.

I will say that Buffalo has probably been overrated since late 2020, and the reason is that Josh Allen is not quite as elite as he was made out to be. He experienced a monster 16 game stretch from November 2020 - October 2021, but has fallen back to earth. The rest of the team is pretty good. Good enough that an elite QB makes them a title contender, but an average to good QB makes them a 10 win fringe playoff team.


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Bills missed Edmunds today badly.

Is he vaccinated? If not he misses the Thanksgiving game and possibly ours if he doesn't test negative twice.

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Went to Two Bills Drive for the first time this morning and they’re all talking about OL issues.
Yes, Two Bills Drive is shell shocked, lots of comments giving up on the season already. I saw lots of comments before the games today about their OL being a problem, quite a few comparing their OL to the Falcons afterThursday night. And then I saw this tonight: “But for the 2nd time this season when the Bills went up against a physical offense the defense was completely blown out.” It’s got me feeling a bit more optimistic about our meeting with them on MNF after Thanksgiving. If their OLine is a weakness and the D folds when facing a physical opponent that game could be rough for them.