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How much do losses affect you?

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Sep 12th

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For the most part I handle losses better than I used to. I think a big part of that is because back in 06/07, I was a single guy trying to find myself. Now I'm married with two kids. Not that I've totally found myself yet, or ever will, but I just don't have the time to dwell on these type of things as much.

Overall, the toughest losses for me are the ones that we were favored to win (2007 SB), had a lead in the game and lost it (2006 AFCCG), or blew the #1 seed/bye late in the season (2015, 2019). The end of that 2015 season still stings (DEN, NYJ and MIA games). There was no reason for that AFCCG to be in Denver.

The recent 3 super bowls have definitely helped a lot. I remember in 2013 thinking, are we really "only" going to end up with three championships? Now though, for the tough losses that we had from 2005-2013, 2014-2018 have given us just as many amazing wins. I can't lie though, I do still look at that gap from 04-13 and think how that '07 undefeated season would have linked everything together.

I must admit, this recent loss has stung more than I would have liked. I think a small part of it is because I live in South Florida around Dolphin fans. But I think the bigger reason is because we are nearing the end of the Brady/Belichick run and I want so badly for them to go out on top, and based on history if the Patriots don't have a bye they aren't winning a Super Bowl. There is always a first for everything, but if it doesn't happen, we've got SIX f'n trophies to fall back on!

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Pre-rings I used to not be upset by losses since for the most part they were pretty frequent and it was a losing organization. During the dynasty (and especially SB 42), losses are generally upsetting. In fact I probably care more about avoiding the feeling of loss than rejoicing in victory, sad I know.
Same here...I hate losing more than I love winning.

abdul7 Supporter Supporter
I am not American ,,,,and live miles away.
We always say ' Alhumdilillah ',,,Thank God ,,,,whatever is meant to be is meant to be by the Grace of The Almighty.
So I keep saying that whenever we lose because we have been Blessed and Spoiled for 2 Decades and it doesnt hurt anymore. Every game we play is the Other Team's Super Bowl and our loss against Miami was just that,,,,they won but it seemed like they won a Championship.
I am ready to have one or two bad Seasons to rebuild just like I was a dedicated fan in the 80s and 90s.
Nothing to be sad about or depressed about,,,since we Witnessed the Greatest Franchise over 20 Years and with our children.
Nothing will make me sad at all ,,,except shed a tear when Tommy leaves.


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Frankly after the catharsis of Superbowl 42, after which I felt devastated, nothing can compare.

All considered, I think I took the losses last decade really well, including the Philly and Giants SB losses. Broncos AFCCG loss stung after Gronk caught that TD and we couldn’t do 2-pt conversion. The Jets loss at home was so bizarre I kind of moved on quickly.

Brewskies Supporter Supporter
I don't mind losing if the other team beats us with very few mistakes from our team, but when we give them the game because of stupid plays or poor performance then I am pissed. Example Brady in the Miami game loss, that loss pissed me off as did Brady.


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I stated earlier I'm ok after losses. I obviously get a little angry and annoyed but ones like SB 42, etc usually take a day or two to get out of my system. The feeling is I'm angry and then bummed out.

If the NEP lose tmoro, I'll be disappointed but it's the potential of Tom moving on that'll have me a bit more down than usual. Hoping that doesn't happen obviously.

When I started following the Pats losses were not that rare...;)
The first Giants SB loss knocked me sideways. Since then I have grown more philosophical about it(The Miami miracle aside)

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That first Sunday in February is still rough. Especially when my wife gets that grinch smile when she realizes that there is 7 months worth of Sundays she gets to clog up with whatever crap she can come up with.

Ok. Both of your posts (OP and Grinch smile) read like they were straight out of my brain.
Any of these 3 things could be true:
1. 203Pat is my schizophrenic alter ego
2. You are married to my wife


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After we lost the Miami game because of what was supposed to be the team's strength being an absolute weakness, I decided watching any playoffs this year will only harm my mental health and vowed to stay away.

I highly doubt I'll be able to keep that promise.
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