how many NFl stadiums have you been to?

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I've never seen a professional football game live. Its kind of sad, and it's one of the only things I want to do, I just never do it. Perhaps if the Patriots play in Pittsburgh next year, I'll go to that game...

And I have only ever been to Fenway for the Red Sox, and I've seen both a Bruins and Celtics game at the Fleet, as well as a Bruins game at the Garden. (damn, I'm sad in comparison to you guys.) O, and every Penn State home game for the past two years.
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Pats games all.........I have been a season ticket holder for a long time now!

BU Field
Harvard Stadium
Alumni Field (BC)
Fenway Park
Shaeffer/Sullivan/Foxboro Stadium
Gillette Stadium
Orange Bowl
Pro Player Stadium
Shea Stadium
Meadowlands - (Giant Stadium)
AllTell Stadium
Reliant Stadium

Non Patriots, but football....

Qualcom (preseason Charger game)


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Lets see:
1.) The old Foxboro
2.) Gillette
3.) Pro-Player in Miami (twice)
4.) Giants Stadium (Twice....once a Pats-Giants game, once a Pats-Jets game)
5.) Cleveland Browns Stadium (the new one)
6.) The Colliseum in Tennessee
7.) Reliant Stadium in Houston (twice...saw Pats-Texans there and Super Bowl 38)
8.) Arrowhead in KC
9.) Texas Stadium in Dallas
10.) Ericcson Stadium in Carolina (I think it has a new name now)
11.) Superdome in New Orleans (three times....saw Saints-Tampa game in 1991; Super Bowl 31 in 1997 and Pats-Saints in 1998)

My favorites (besides the old Foxboro and Gillette) are Cleveland (which has bars inside!!!); Reliant; Texas Stadium and Arrowhead for the atmosphere.

J D Sal

Edit: Almost forgot, I was in the Superdome two other times....saw the Red Sox-Yankees play 2 exhibition games there in 1994!!!!

My baseball stadiums are:
1.) Fenway Park
2.) Yankee Stadium
3.) Camden Yards
4.) Superdome

I got to get to a few more of those.
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Gillette Staidum
Soldier Field
TWA Dome (St.Louis)
RCA Dome (Indy)
Also saw Bears vs. Bucs in Champaign, IL the year the Bucs won.


Former NFL:
RFK Stadium (Skins preseason game)

Current NFL (Pats Games):

Gillette Stadium (4)
Giants Stadium (3)
FedEx Field - Redskins (3)
Bank of America - Panthers (3)
Heinz Field (2)
Georgia Dome (1)
Lincoln Financial - Eagles (1)
Browns Stadium (1)

Current NFL (non-Pats Games):

Qualcomm - San Diego (Padres games at "Jack Murphy")
Alltel - Jacksonville (Gator Bowl, ACC Title Game)
M & T Bank - Baltimore (concerts, college games, Ravens game)

Future Stadiums:

The Coliseum - Nashville (2006)
Lambeau Field (2006)
Dolphins Stadium (2007)
Paul Brown - Cincinnati (2007)
Qwest Field - Seattle (2008)
Ray James - Tampa Bay (2009)


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King Dome--Seattle Seahawks--old and gone now

Qwest Field--Seattle Seahawks--Season Ticket holder member

Husky stadium--Univ of Washington vrs WSU cougars (rival game)

Jack Murphey Stadium--San Diego Chargers---Old

Gillette Stadium--Foxboro, Mass Patriots lots of games

Raymond James--Tampa Bay Buccs vrs Miami and Falcons

Lincoln Financial --Eagels vrs Seattle MNF game

Meadowlands--NJ Jets vrs Patriots MNF game

Georgia Dome --Atlanta Falcons Vrs Philly Eagles MNF, vrs NYJets MNF and
Vrs Patriots, vrs Tampa Bay Buccs

Sanford Stadium--Univ of Georgia Bulldogs vrs Tn Volunteers-

Bryant Denny Stadium- Univ of Alabama Crimson Tide vrs Georgia tech

Jordan Hare Stadium--Univ of Auburn Tigers vrs Crimson Tide(rival game)
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