how many NFl stadiums have you been to?

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Pats_Bryan said:
Just Texas Stadium and the Razor.

Gillete Stadium makes Texas Stadium look like something out of the dark ages.

Back in the 70's when built, Texas Stadium was first class.

Several years ago was there on the field (with the old Astro-turf) in mid-September and that place stunk from the smell of sweat, spit, and, puke that had just baked into the turf.

I don't think the new turf with the rubber pellets in it smells any better.
Interesting thread, I thought it would be fun also to see a Pats game in every NFL stadium and a neat way to see some cities I might not have a reason to go to otherwise. So far I have been to:

Miami (4 times)
New Orleans (SB36)

I am targetting GB or Jax for next season.


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oh yea.. forgot foxboro stadium..

on a side note.. how easy it to get tickets to away stadiums? can you get them from ticketmaster or do you have to use ticket brokers?


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Chris said:
oh yea.. forgot foxboro stadium..

on a side note.. how easy it to get tickets to away stadiums? can you get them from ticketmaster or do you have to use ticket brokers?

Depends on the team. Buffalo is easy to get tickets to through ticketmaster. I tried to get Pats Panthers tickets this year and they were sold out before they even went on sale it seemed like. I think it is sort of pot luck.

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"Road Trip"

Shaefer/Sullivan/Foxboro Stadium
The Vet
The Meadowlands
The Linc
Soldier Field
Univ of Ill
Lambeau Field
Altell Stadium
Pro Player Stadium
Georgia Dome
Invesco Field @ Mile High
Arrowhead Stadium
Gillette Stadium

and looking forward to a road trip this season to Minneapolis or Nashville

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I've only been to one stadium outside of Gillette, and that is in Buffalo (season opener in 2003, very ugly 31-0 loss)


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Foxboro Stadium, 1999, vs. Dolphins (Damon Huard game)
Reliant Stadium, 2003, vs. Texans

Texas Stadium, mid 90's, vs. Packers and Redskins

Future Plans
The Coliseum, 2006, Titans vs. Pats (possibly)
Texas Stadium, 2007, Cowboys vs. Pats (definitely)

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Memorial Stadium
Veteran's Stadium
Fedex Field
M&T Stadium
Giant Stadium
Heinz Field
Soldier's Field

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Does the Meadowlands count as an NFL Stadium ? Been there and Foxborough, Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium (showing my age, but they used to play there, went in the early 70's).


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Harvard Stadium
Schaefer Stadium
Three Rivers
Ralph Wilson

Thinking about Cincinnati next year and maybe Green Bay (Lambeau).


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I have been to Ralph Wilson in Buffalo only, or as they call, the Ralph.

I have seen baseball at Skydome only

I have watched Hockey at Maple Leaf Gardens and Air Canada Cantre.

Thats it, pretty sad.

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We're going to try to go to an away game every year now that our two oldest kids are into football. So far I've been to:

Super Dome (New Orleans)
Reliant (Texans)
Alltel (Jax)
Meadowlands (Jets)
RCA Dome (Colts)

Maybe going to Miami next year. Reliant is better than Gillette IMHO. Also, all the other stadiums have adequate ladies' rooms (and men's rooms I presume) which Gillette does not.


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Old Foxboro, The Razor, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver :(, Minneapolis (Metropolitan & Dome), Giants/Jets, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston

Went to Denver last week. Invesco is beautiful, and it was by far the loudest, can't-hear-yourself-think place I've ever been in. The vibration from the crowd stomping has my butt still vibrating several days later. Yeah, home field means something at playoff time.
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Arrowhead and that's it. Hopefully one day I'll see a game at Gillette and the next time the Patriots are in Denver I'm going to try to make that one.


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I've been to :

Ericsson Field - Pats @ Panthers - Jan 6, 2002 (rescheduled from 9/16/01)
Qualcomm Stadium - Pats @ Chargers - Sept. 29, 2002
Gillette - Pats vs Ravens Nov 28th, 2004


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Schaefer Stadium (or did it have a different name by 1985-1988?)

Heinz Field (to suffer the 2004 Halloween massacre)

Baseball stadiums are probably more interesting to "collect" since their differences affect the game more than in football, where the field's always the same size.


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For Patriots games:

Gillette/Foxboro Stadium(many times in both)
Miami( many times and since 2000 every year)
Tampa(old Sombrero)
Altlanta(this year)
Houston( regular season 2003)
New Orleans(2001 SB)
San Diego(2002 season)
Arizona(2004 season)
Tennessse(2002 season)
Carolina(2001 season)


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Great topic!

Schaefer/Sullivan/Foxboro (all incarnations)
Baltimore Memorial Stadium
FedEx Field
Ralph Wilson Stadium (one of my favorites, by far)
Pro-Player Stadium
Reliant Stadium
Ericcson/Bank of America Stadium (Carolina)
Cleveland Browns Stadium


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Foxboro Stadium
Gillette Stadium
Reliant Stadium (SB38)
Qwest Field (Saw a Seahawks-49ers game there in 2004)
Heinz Field (2004 AFC Championship Game)
Alltel Stadium (SB39)

Fenway Park
Yankees Stadium
Safeco Field (Lived in Seattle for a year)
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