how many NFl stadiums have you been to?

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ive always wanted to go see a game in all 32 stadiums. right now im still stuck on #1 but would be fun to see pats in all 32 stadiums.. so how many stadiums have you been? went to them to see the pats or other teams?

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This is sad.....

Foxboro Stadium..... Patriots v. Cowboys pre-season 1997
Pro-player Stadium.... Dolphins v. Packers pre-seson 1999
Gilette Stadium.... Patriots v. Eagles pre-season 2005

OT: Baseball
City of Palms Park- Ft. Myers
Yankee Stadium

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New Orleans

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Foxboro Stadium, Gillette Stadium, Giants Stadium, Reliant Stadium, Ralph Wilson Field, Edward Jones Dome, Pro Player Stadium.


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Not in any particular order...and ALL were PATS games
Foxboro, Meadowlands,Rich Stadium, Veteran's Stadium, THE LINC(as Iggles fans) like to call it, Georgia Dome, and RFK.


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Foxboro Stadium
Gillette Stadium
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)
Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia)
Lincoln Financial Field
Alltel Stadium
Three Rivers Stadium
Heinz Field
RCA Dome
Giants Stadium

Hopefully this year I can add Green Bay( I hope Favre is still playing) and possibly Cincinnati.


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Old Foxborough
Old Mile High
Chicago (Champagne, Il.)


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Fenway Park*
Nickerson Field*
Harvard Stadium*
Schaffer/Sullivan/Foxboro Stadium
Gillette Stadium
Old Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati
BankOfAmerica Stadium in Charlotte

* Were home fields of the Boston Patriots


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1. Old Foxboro Stadium (mostly preseason games in '80s, but a few regular season games up to '91).

2. Anaheim (Pats/Rams delayed season opener in '92 - Pats lost 14-0).

3. San Diego (Bledsoe's first pre-season game in '93, 21-14 loss in '02).

4. Stanford Stadium (Pre-season game vs. Raiders in '95).

5. Candlestick Park (Pre-season game vs. 49ers in '98...HOT day).

6. Oakland Coliseum (27-20 loss in '02).

7. Gillette Stadium (28-26 loss to Miami on New Years Day '06).



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Last year I took the family to Cleveland and then we decided to make it a yearly family trip. This year we went to Buffalo, we are eyeing Jacksonville..maybe green bay if it is in September or October. Went to Cleveland and Buffalo in December so somewhere warm is on the agenda this year

Foxboro stadium - Browns in 92
Cleveland Browns Stadium 04 - Pats
Ralph Wilson Stadium 05 - Pats

Future plans
Alltel - Pats 2006


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Champagne Ill - Bears
St Louis
Denver x 2
KC x 3

Went to SB's 38 & 39 but didnt spend the crazy asking price for nosebleeds or end zone seats. Still had a great time just being where the action was and being around other Pats fans.

In 2006, depending on the game time and day.



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Unfortunately, I've never been to a Pats game live.

Superdome-Saints vs. Eagles
Tokyo Dome-Cowboys vs. Falcons Preseason (does that count?)


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1. (Meadowlands)1996 and 2000- Pats at Jets
2.(Ralph Wilson Stadium) 2005- Pats at Bills
3. (Veterans Stadium) 99- Pats at Eagles, 2000 Giants at Eagles, 2001 playoffs Bucs at Eagles
4. (Lincoln Financial Field) 03 Pats at Eagles, 04 Giants at Eagles
5. (GeorgiaDome) 01 Pats at Falcons
6. (Memorial Stadium in Champaigne) Pats at Bears 02
7. (Raymond James Stadium) Dolphins at Bucs preseason
8. (Sun Devil Stadium) Pats at Cardinals 04
9. (Foxboro Stadium)
10. Gillette Stadium

in 06 i'd love to hit Green Bay which I've already started scouting everything. Must say Raymond James is overrated with terrible sight lines.

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Foxboro Stadium (Foxboro)
Gillette Stadium (Foxboro)
Giants Stadium (Meadowlands)
Reliant Stadium (Houston)
Ralph Wilson Field (Buffalo)
Soldier Field (Chicago)
Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville)
Metropolitan Stadium (Minnesota, Vikings' old home)
Ravens' stadium (Baltimore, forget corporate name)
Heinz Field (Pittsburgh)
Redskins' stadium (Washington D.C., again, forget corporate name)
Mile High Stadium (the original, Denver)
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Texas Stadium - Dallas
Reliant - Houston
Alamodome -San Antonio - preseason game a few years back
Cotton Bowl - saw the Cowboys in the 60's

Saw the Pats vs. Texans & SB 38 in Houston. A great stadium even from high in the end zones.

Wife went to one game at Gillette and enjoyed it other than the drunk 3 rows in front of her who puked twice, getting 2 people each time. LOL


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Chris said:
ive always wanted to go see a game in all 32 stadiums. right now im still stuck on #1 but would be fun to see pats in all 32 stadiums.. so how many stadiums have you been? went to them to see the pats or other teams?

Eleven, although a couple have been torn down now and replaced, so I guess I have to add back two more to go. I'll get to all of them sooner or later...

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Rich Stadium
Orange Bowl
Tokyo Dome
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