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Hi all,

Thought I'd introduce myself, been reading the site for a bit and finally got round to properly signing up! I'm based in the east of England (Norwich)
Started following the NFL properly in 2008 when I was a teenager, and also started following the Pats that year too (there was probably a time I didn't really know who Tom Brady was, and remember being fuming we traded away Cassel :rofl:)
Been hooked ever since then! Unfortunately haven't managed to get to Foxboro for a game yet, but do attend at least one or two of the games in London each year no matter who is playing. Thoroughly enjoyed the Jets losing to the Falcons this year!
Into soccer (support Norwich City), as well as a keen cricketer and also am getting into Formula One. But the NFL has become my true sporting passion!
Hoping to be having a lot of late nights in January, during a playoff run...this season has been amazing so far. Won't post much on gamedays (I try to avoid social media etc during games), but will look to get involved in chat during the weeks and definitely draft season (love the draft) :)
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