Gunner to IR (to make room for Wynn)

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Oct 4th

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That's why I don't get is the Gordon IR then release he didn't fail a drug test Bench him for coming late but how it went down Hmmmmm.:rolleyes: The Position we are weakest and most injured just took another hit.
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Damn. I’m going to miss him fielding the ball and running with a head of steam straight into a pile of tacklers.


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Wow how the wr group has changed

I’m never calling a position of strength ever again in preseason

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Hopefully he spends a lot of time in the weight room. I like his style but he needs more bulk to throw his body around like he does


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To think we could've kept DT instead of this kid, what a waste. Team could use DT right about now.

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So its now 5 WRs JE, Harry, Sanu, Dorsett (head) Meyers as the WRs

and in Cannon, Cunningham, Shaq, Wynn, Ferentz, Karras, Thuney, Newhouse and Eluebla-bla 9 OLs.
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