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abdul7 Supporter Supporter
Firstly and most importantly CONGRATULATIONS TO all Pats fans all over the World.
I had to make this my thread for a couple of reasons.
Parker said he will migrate to Mexico if we won,,,on television,,so has he packed his bags yet ?
Biggest hater ,,cannot wait to see his expression .
Yesterday's win to me is probably the greatest road win in Patriots history ,,yep even more slightly than the one in Miami way back in 85 . And the one in Pittsburg,,,that's my opinion.
Lastly ,,,can't remember exactly when but early in the season I wrote an article about Sony Michel and how he was like Dillon a bruiser and someone we will depend on greatly this
I was surprised how quite a few didn't agree with me ,,well he is everything we wished for and more. One question,,,why was he not in the line late in the game,especially in OT ?
Lastly no words will describe my feelings with my son next to me watching the game.
We are blessed and lucky as fans.
Long may it continue ,,a DYNASTY never to be repeated ever in History.
Before I go ,,,enjoy and take care while in Atlanta. One last point,,,


Pro Bowl Player
Hey Abdul, we get it. We know you hate Rob Parker and want to issue a fatwa for his slow and torturous death. But maybe just let it go? Enjoy the moment, enjoy the fact that we're going to the superbowl again.

Re: Michel: Michel already had 29 carries at that point which is quite a bit for him. He had 20+ carries in only two games, his entire career at UGA.
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