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In the Starting Line-Up
Last year, we drafted 3 fine players, and 5 more, some of which MIGHT become contributors. And that was a great draft where we started at 15.

So, let's see where we are after SAT this year, after starting at 21. So far, we are VERY LIKELY to have a contributor at OG, and a backup center. If Strange starts this year, or even next, he will be one of the SUCCESSES of the draft. We had a need at OG, and we started to fill that need.

This exercise is about finding solid players who will help us win games, not about meeting some fan standard of value.

I expect us to draft another OG in the next two days. We had a huge need at OG (and backup center).
I sincerely hope that we fill needs as well with our next FIVE picks in the 2nd through 4th rounds. Given the depth of the draft because of COVID, the 5th rounder might even be valuable (more likely, Bill will just move the pick to 2023 if he can). And yes, Bill may find some help in the last FIVE picks, or not.
Is there a punishment room you can be sent to for your wrongness?

mgteich Veteran Supporter
Is there a punishment room you can be sent to for your wrongness?
I think there is a punishment room for those who think that he end is nigh because we don't have better talent that the AFC champs.

That punishment room is the Jets message board.

Ring 6 Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Bring back a GM for New England. I’d even embrace Leigh Steinberg.

Belichick has proven his abject incompetence as GM.

Can he be arrested for his woeful performance?
So winning more than anyone ever has is proof of incompetence?
How much does he have to lose in order to get your approval?
Please name 10 individuals who have proven to be more competent at building a football team.

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