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‘21 & ‘22 are core player-development drafts/acquisitions. The fabric of the team structure so-to-speak. The “fun” should start in ‘23..

Given the Pats drafting at 29 (after the trade down) in a weak class, you can't expect them to draft HOFers and pro bowlers each round. They filled in some holes on the team. That's all. If I had to guess, I think Strange and Thornton become the two best players from this class for NE but who knows.


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I really wish they double dipped at WR, especially EXPLOSIVE WRs. I hated the Zappe pick, because Calvin Austin III was still on the board. And of course Pittsburgh, who is GREAT at drafting WRs, selected him with the very next pick after the Pats picked Zappe. I can see Austin being the Steeler’s version of Tyreek Hill. Hated the Zappe pick, especially if you are going QB, since Sam Howell was still on the board, and a better QB than Zappe.


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Cant wait to see Strange, Thorton and Strong play.

Throw in Parker, Bourne, White, Myers, Henry, Harris, Montgomery and Stevenson.
Strange must plug in right at LG immediately. If he doesn’t, that could turn out to be a disastrous pick.

But they drafted 3 linemen overall to protect Mac. The fastest WR and fastest RB, added to one of the best RB groups in the NFL. With Thornton and Parker added to the WR group, I think this can obviously be a more dangerous offense than last year.

Weird draft after last year, it seemed like they had changed their draft philosophy. Last year, They really didn’t reach for anyone, and in fact got great value in some spots, where guys were rated higher than where the Pats picked them. They went more with the grain compared to their past, and it was a great success.

This draft, was more like 2013-2020. With the usual head scratchers, reaches, and bypassing better talent by trading down in the 1st round. I think Thornton and Strong were there best picks. I actually like them both a lot, though the Thornton pick will be scrutinized a lot going forward, considering George Pickens and Skyy Moore went right after. But if Thornton can translate his talents to the NFL, he will be a huge part of the Pats offense going forward.

The 2021 draft was so good, besides the 3 that we got instant (excellent) contributions from, guys like Perkins & McGrone could make it 5, which would be their best draft in the last 10-15 years. So it’s like we have Perkins and McGrone as rookies as well. At least on the playing field, they have a year’s worth of classroom experience.

I think at the end of the day, the 3 or 4 that will come out of this draft and make key contributions to the Pat’s success are: Strange, Thornton, Marcus Jones and Pierre Strong. Anyone else will be a bonus.

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I just read the Draft Profiles side-by-side at have Williams at 6.48, Thornton at 5.97.

It's pretty funny reading them back and forth because they're saying the SAME THINGS, + or -

What's really funny is your attempt to place equivalency between a healthy Williams and BoneyT.


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What's really funny is your attempt to place equivalency between a healthy Williams and BoneyT.
Oh, I’m not. I just think it’s hilarious that it looks like they lifted the same strengths and weaknesses, albeit a bit more glowingly in their word choice for Williams.


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The end of the world is nigh.

The Patriots have less talent than the Bengals, Jets, and even Detroit.

Not all hope is lost. There’s the Jaguars.

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