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Brady to Fox after he retires

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"Shouldn't this be on the Brady forum?"

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Interesting that Lachlan Murdoch wished Brady well for this upcoming season, not the rest of his career. Possible that Fox knows Brady is done after this season and will be joining the broadcast booth in 2023.

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Just saw Fox has the SB this year and the year after. So wouldn't surprise me if he plays next year too and then goes to commentary and calls a SB in his first season


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An interesting challenge for him, given how much he knows about the limitations and weaknesses of the current players and coaches in the league. How much of that does he reveal so that he's offering something to viewers that is truly unique, and how much does he withhold out of respect for those guys.


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Hopefully, he is better at this than he is in commericials, movie cameos and SNL. Peyton seems like he would be a much better option. He is a natural in front of the camera but maybe he prefers the more limited gig with Eli.

Also, does this mean that his movie with the Golden Girls 2.0 (Jane Fonda, et al) is not going to happen? That type of loss would set the movie industry back years.


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Florio is speculating he's going to get paid well north of $40 million per year. I'd be interested to see how he does compared to Romo.



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That surprises me, I did not think he would want to do commentary but he certainly can. I’m really looking forward to that. He should be a VAST improvement over what we’re usually subjected to…


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I honestly thought he was going to go all in with growing TB12 and just be a business man and eventually a front office guy like Magic Johnson.


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Hopefully, he is better at this than he is in commercials, movie cameos, SNL. ..... conferences, Jim Gray pre-scripted interviews, neatly packaged self-indulgent realty documentaries, etc.

Hopefully, he gets coached up because he is far too measured and deliberate with his word choice and his delivery needs more pace.
I guess the "spend more time with the family" narrative can go back on the shelf again.


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TB may be stiff in front of the camera, but if Romo is an excellent commentator by bringing his level of understanding of the game, Tom is going to be a lot of fun to listen to.