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Dec 3rd

n6249c Supporter Supporter
Great points! I agree with everything you've said. The draft bust at CB prior to 2022.. are the reason we don't necessarily have the depth that is needed at outside CB. Even with Jack's uncertainty on his availability.. he IMO didn't look particularly all that impressive in the pre season.. giving up plays to guys that will likely be on teams PS. That's not what you want from your starting CB. I like that gonzo has shown physicality, and playing the run. In BBs system is a must for a CB to play the run. Sauce in his game That's his weakness playing the run and being a sure tackler. However if gonzo can achieve even a marginal level of success in his rookie season That's huge for the team. Early on they will likely double team #1s and have gonzo take care of the 2nd Guy. But absolutely another vet in the league should be brung in at Outside Corner. The Wade experience was terrible, myles Bryant is ok in spurts ,but nothing more.

I'm thinking Jon Jones , Jack and gonzo are the starting CBs for now..
How’s Bolden?
Wade may still be hanging on.

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How’s Bolden?
Wade may still be hanging on.
Bolden is still in concussion protocol I believe.. Wade... unfortunately you may be right.. the depth, and uncertainty at outside CB is a concern. It's a long season.. guys get banged up.

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Don’t expect anything close to consistency from this commissioner.
On the contrary, we can always expect this commissioner to consistently steal top draft picks from the Patriots, insanely overpunishing this team and only specifically this team for marginal and/or nonexistent infractions to the maximum allowable extent, spending $hundreds of millions even as the league cuts every corner and squeezes every penny it can to mistreat and injure present and former players and officials
while simultaneously ignoring actual violations committed by other teams.


In the Starting Line-Up
Folk to Titans for a 7th? Better than outright releasing him I guess..

*wrong thread.

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