BGC 2021 IOL/PTP Thread

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Pick Results: SF: 35.1% at NE: 64.9%
Oct 25th

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Would love to see the Pats come out of next year’s second round with their next C. No disrespect to Andrews but I hate seeing them have no option except for Thuney swinging over, and Andrews’ blood clot situation has to be kept in mind So I love seeing that there may be a group worthy of going that high next year.

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At 2-2, NE currently slotted to draft between 17 and 20
And trending toward better draft positions

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Assuming we can not make a deal with thuney and he rolls out of town, I see two excellent ways to replace him.

carman Jackson of Clemson is not an nfl offensive tackle, but would make a great guard. We could probably get him in the second round.

Van lanen of Wisconsin is in the same boat as Jackson. He will make a great guard, but is playing tackle in college. We could easily get him on day 3.