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C/PTP Thread

Was going to make an IOL thread but we have two starters locked up and in at guard. C and T is where the big discussions will be had.

I'll add a few more names if/when needed but these are the guys.

SVP plays tremendous with plus instincts and poise. Just very quick to pick up and take in what's going on around him. He has lapses and will get beat at times but they're very few and far between. Usually always on point with his assignments but rarely fooled by twists or exotic stuff around him. Quick to pick up and help out teammates but has an eye on his space. Very smart player that plays within structure - understands and executes his assignments but isn't rattled by unscheduled attacks at the QB and can improv. Eyes and head are usually always up and looking around not just smashing and locking onto a body.

I'd love to see him continue to get stronger and develop some more pop and finish but he's got heavy hands with decent grip strength that are pretty active and accurate. He could definitely add some strength though and has the body for it.

I think he excels in all kinds of run concepts. He's very good knowing when to peel off on blocks. Eyes are always locating potential targets or just has a natural feel for when to take off but he's displayed this enough to take notice. I think he'd fit on a team like SF for example but would really hit his ceiling on a team that runs a good balance between zone and gap. His athleticism shows out on stretch runs while those instincts I mentioned are on full display on inside zone, duo. Makes it a priority to play with proper leverage.

For a while, a good while, OL'm were coming out incomplete. Guys simply couldn't handle the physicality on the los, were lost on some run concepts and were coming out strictly ready to play in spread. SVP looks versatile and complete when it comes to that. Very much ready for the physicality that'll come but he's able to do the little things that don't so up on highlights while making splash plays. Identify, assess, locate and finish. Zone, gap, spread ... SVP looks complete and ready for any system.

Love his toughness, competitiveness and ability to multi-task. It's not uncommon at all to see him make a tough reach at big while effecting another by causing a LB to take another route. Deliver a powerful combo before peeling off. Blocking his man while identifying a looper or delayed blitzes. Very smart player.

JMS is someone also suited for us imo. Does his best work right up the middle on IZ, Gap concepts. He's another one who can take care of business on the line before climbing and mauling second level defenders. Explodes off the line with a powerful lower half but like the prospect above will assess the landscape around him before committing. Always doing proper intake before taking off. Consistently shows off the ability to add #'s in the run game bc with his athleticism and ability to reach an athletic 3 or fat nose. Both him and SVP showed off some real lateral movement in their play. Just came off as two really smart, tough, versatile OL. Not much versatility in terms of position but they're both able to excel in different schemes although each are suited for specific paths - RPO/Spread for JMS & a good mix of zone and gap for SVP. Both guys are a good 310-320 and carry it well. Could get a little stronger but both are NFL ready.

Tier 1A

Sedrick Van Pran - 6'4/310 - Georgia

John Michael Schmitz - 6'4/320 - Minnesota

Alex Forsyth - 6'3/305 - Oregon

Andrew Raym - 6'4/315 - Oklahoma

Luke Wypler - 6'3/300 - OSU

Tier 1B

Olusegun Oluwatimi - 6'3/310 - Michigan

Ricky Stromberg - 6'4/310 - Arkansas

Steve Avila - 6'4/330 - TCU

Juice Scruggs - 6'3/315 - PSU

Corey Gaynor - 6'4/310 - North Carolina

Joe Tippmann - 6'6/320 - Wisconsin

Gus Hartwig - 6'5/310 - Purdue

Jake Renfro - 6'3/310 - Cincinnati

Cooper Mays - 6'3/295 - Tennessee

Jarrett Patterson - 6'5/310 - Notre Dame

Tier 2

Maurice Smith - 6'3/280 - FSU

Michael Jurgens - 6'5/300 - Wake Forest

Willie Lampkin - 6'1/285 - Coastal Carolina

LaQuinston Strap - 6'1/310 - Mississippi St

Grant Gibson - 6'1/310 - NC St


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Do you think that Van Pran and Schmitz will continue the trend of top tier Centers moving into the 1st/2nd round ala Linderbaum and Jurgens? Or are they more 3rd round types?


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Patterson has great size for a center and can shift to guard if need be. Some value in the middle rounds. The same caveat applies as it does with all ND players: For whatever reason, the Patriots have drafted zero ND players since 2008. Maybe that's a coincidence, but ND has had a lot of players drafted in that time period and none of them were drafted by the Patriots despite Brian Kelly and Bill having a friendship, so do with that information what you will.


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I suck at evaluating OL, so I rarely even try. But Patterson at ND has caught my eye this year.
I've watched every ND snap multiple times this year and Patterson has multiple year starter as a floor. Just doesn't have a super high ceiling in my opinion. He's got the athleticism and size you look for but I'm not sure about his footwork while engaged and he has had trouble getting underneath some nose tackles in the run game. He's exceptional in the open field and great at combos though. He's a guy that you can probably move around a bit and might make a career as a swing guy. He's technically sound and has been coached well.


Not the kind of guy to say I told you so ... Supporter
Do you think that Van Pran and Schmitz will continue the trend of top tier Centers moving into the 1st/2nd round ala Linderbaum and Jurgens? Or are they more 3rd round types?
I think both guys mentioned are about a tier below Linderbaum and closer to Jurgens. Who's been playing very well when he gets run. I think those two are top 60-75 locks.


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Alex Forsyth, Oregon, coached by former Patriot Adrian Klemm, just screams Patriot.

Not as big and sexy a pick as the Minnesota behemoth—and there are legitimate questions about his strength— but his toughness, smarts, and character remind me a lot of David Andrews.

I think very highly of the Oregon Ducks offensive line. So does Geoff Schwartz:

I would consider taking 56, the right tackle in a late round, too.

Michigan May have the more physical and heralded Oline this past year in college football, but those who are in the business realize Oregon has NFL talent all over their line as well.

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One guy I'm a little interested in is C Alan Ali, TCU (6'5", 300#). He caught my eye a couple times this past year. It'll be interesting to see how he holds up tonight vs Georgia's D-line. Especially 1st rd lock DT Jalen Carter.


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I still think it's Russey. He didn't play because Andrews played 14 games and Ferentz was the backup. I think 2023 is a good opportunity to be the backup with Ferentz no longer on the team.
This could very well be true. I am higher on Kody Russey than many are. He was starting against SEC teams like LSU when Cole Strange was redshirting.


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A Georgia Bulldog to replace (eventually) a fellow Bulldog? Warren Ericson played both guard and, this past season, center. Is he any good?

Our Karras replacement? Sorry Ferentz. You can go into coaching and lose 80 pounds. That’ll be healthier for you and better for us.

Win win

captain stone

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Intrigued by Joe Tippmann... I want a bigger Center of the Future, but is he too big for an NFL Center? Could also possibly back up the Tackle position as well... The Michigan kid could be another early day 3 candidate; not as big as Tippmann, but big enough if his 6'3 listing is legit...