A Little Positivity: Rank Your Favorite Patriots Victories

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In light of things around here, I figure this would be a fun thread. Mods feel free to close it up if you feel it's undeserving.

Let's hear it guys.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
I suffer from recency bias:

1. Super Bowl 49 vs. Seattle
2. 2014 AFCDC vs. Baltimore
3. 2004 AFFCG vs Pittsburgh
4. Super Bowl 36 vs. St. Louis
5. Super Bowl 39 vs. Philadelphia
6. 2005 Regular Season win vs. Pittsburgh
7. 2003 AFCCG vs. Indianapolis (CUT THAT MEAT!!!)
8. 2007 Regular Season win vs. San Diego
9. 2010 Regular Season win vs. Jets (45-3)
10. Super Bowl 38 vs. Carolina


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Hmmm---probably like this:

1) win over the Rams in the SB. They were 0-2 and most people gave them little chance. Last second FG. Perfect. I was absolutely ecstatic.

2) SB over Seattle. have a lot of Seattle friends and I never would have lived it down if Pats lost. After no SB wins in 10 years, and 2 losses, I felt close to deciding I didn't care much if they lost again.

3) SB over Philly--I had just moved to Philly area, and being in the elite club of back to backs was sweet.

4) SB over Carolina. It was a SB. I was worried late in that game.

5) Divisional game, Oakland, same year as Rams. I had no idea about the tuck rule and thought we were toast. getting that call was a complete shocker. And the Adam V--unreal. I was watching with my friend who was holding his newborn baby throughout the game, and to this day claims she was our good luck charm. :) Her first name starts with a T, and I even refer to her as "Tuck Rule 'Thersesa,'" which she seems to get a kick out of.

6) Back in 1986, finally winning in Miami, in the AFC championship, to make a SB.

7) Win in divisional game against Oakland, in 1985. I was watching with a Raiders fan who was besides himself after the Sammie Seal kick off fumble, which led to the winning TD right after the tying FG.

8) 2001, AFCC against Steelers (first time). Pitt favored. Pitt makes a punt and has to re-kick because of illegal motion. On the re-kick, Troy Brown takes to the house for a 7-0 lead. Drew B. spells brady late in the game and makes the TD to seal the win. On to the SB!

9) 2006?, play offs, against Chargers. It seemed like Chargers were both faster and stronger, and that almost always results in a one sided victory. We clung to a 3-0 lead most of the first half, and then the bottom fell out. I was even "meh" after we scored at the end of first half to cut it to 14-10--it seemed like we were scrambling to find a way to even stay in the game. 5 minutes left, Brady throws a pick, down 21-13, seems hopeless--until our beloved Troy Brown creates a fumble on the int. return, setting up the final TD. I was shocked that we won. However, our jubilation was offset by the horrendous let down of a blown 21-3 lead in Indy the next week.

10) 2003, AFCC against Indy, in the snow.

I have to put play off games ahead of everything else, but I must say that the 3-0 snow plow game early 80s against Miami was a hoot. At the time, I considered them our biggest division rival, and there is a folklore to that game you just can't beat.

The 45-3 throttle on the Jets was sweet as well, as was the Thanksgiving Day "butt fumble" massacre. But when the season doesn't end in victory, after we got used to SBs, they lost some luster in retrospect (especially with the 45-3 game, as they got revenge).

The second AFCC over Pitt was great as well--hard to know what to displace, though.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
i'm young, so last year was easily the most magical season for me. but-
1. SB 49
2. Ravens 2015 win (first playoff game I went to)
3. Week 17 Giants win 2007
4. Week 5 Bengals win 2014- regular season but phucking awesome game to say "we're still here"
5. Eagles SB win
6. Saints last second Thompkins game
7. Panthers SB
8. Cundiff Miss
9. Stopping Peyton's Colts on the 1. I was really young but still thought it was awesome
10. 2015 colts AFCG win


PatsFans.com Supporter
PatsFans.com Supporter
Super Bowls have to be top 4

1.) Super Bowl 49
2.) Super Bowl 36
3.) Super Bowl 38
4.) Super Bowl 39

5.) 2004 Divisional vs. Colts
6.) 2004 AFCC at Steelers
7.) 2001 Snow Bowl
8.) 2009 Pats vs TEN
9.) 2011 Divisional vs DEN
10.) 2014 Divisional vs BAL


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It's not near the top, but one win that was pretty sweet this year (despite losing Edelman) was the win over the Giants. That felt pretty damn good.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
Tough one ...

10. Pats 56 ... Jets 3 ... 1979-80 (just because it was the Jets)
New York Jets at New England Patriots - September 9th, 1979 | Pro-Football-Reference.com

9. Pats 34 ... Bengals 23 ... 1985-86 (Bold fourth down call seals the game and a playoff birth)
Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots - December 22nd, 1985 | Pro-Football-Reference.com

8. Pats 27 ... Raiders 20 ... 1985-86 (No Ben Dreith to save you this time)
New England Patriots at Los Angeles Raiders - January 5th, 1986 | Pro-Football-Reference.com

7. Pats 59 ... Titans 0 ... 2009-10 (BB says "we suck at big plays" - team responds)
Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots - October 18th, 2009 | Pro-Football-Reference.com

6. Pats 29 ... Chargers 26 ... 2001-02 (Tommy's first big step with the OT win)
San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots - October 14th, 2001 | Pro-Football-Reference.com

5. Pats 43 ... Bengals 17 ... 2014-15 (my first trip to Gillette, first game with my dad since 1986, this game shut down all the pundits)
Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots - October 5th, 2014 | Pro-Football-Reference.com

4 - 1. 4 Superbowl wins, any order you like.
Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots - February 1st, 2015 | Pro-Football-Reference.com
Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots - February 6th, 2005 | Pro-Football-Reference.com
New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers - February 1st, 2004 | Pro-Football-Reference.com
St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots - February 3rd, 2002 | Pro-Football-Reference.com

*edit* Somewhere I need to squeeze in the 1985 AFCC - Squish the Fish!
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