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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

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Oct 3rd

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Interesting to see the stuff about Gilmore. I hope Bill keeps him a few more years. The defense will be very good with him and JC. With cap increases in the future, perhaps JC can also be retained a year later. CB depth is very good, but not that good with no Gilmore.

Worth noting a Gilmore extension may lower his '21 cap hit. Lots of decent FAs still out there.


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This garbage is brought up by the cultist regularly. Brady taking less than what he could have gotten was absolutely self-serving to keep competing for titles. To try to turn this into some kind of benevolent act is the usual rewriting of history that has become a staple of them.
How is this related to NFL Free Agency? Your post should be deleted since it's utter garbage.


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I think it's time those people start making the jump to Bucs boards and that thread gets locked. It's been a year and those people have proven they are pro-Tom & anti-Bill So why should they continue to have a place on here to do their Brady worshipping and Belichick damning and no I'm not saying you can't criticize Bill but when you start a thread whining because the mods locked a toxic Belichick hate thread, maybe time to move on from here.
Another garbage post not related to Free Agency. DELETE


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What I dont get is that Ian even created a sub board for them to put a lid on trolling and toxicity and keep it in quarantined there. And yet somehow this **** keeps spilling over to the mainboard where most posters have moved on and dont give a **** about the Bucs or what Brady is up to in 2021.
More garbage post completely unrelated to Free Agency.

Why don't you start a new thread. You can call it: Luuked Garbage Thread.

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Hi guys....not trying to pick on anyone here, Hyped, sorry for responding to your post, but let's stop hijacking the free agent thread with Brady talk...he has his own forum for anyone that is interested in that discussion. I'm getting a lot of complaints and I see why, please refrain from the discussion on this particular thread. Thanks, Ash
(Urge to hijack thread rising........)

I like Byrd. I think he’d be a welcome addition and - as the 4th /5th option - I bet he’d produce.


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I am so sick of these stupid posts. Look here: Tom Brady Contract Details, Salary Cap Charges, Bonus Money, and Contract History | Over The Cap

Brady was NOT UNDERPAID. And again - in 2010, Tom Brady was the highest paid player in the NFL.

Lastly, just to show you how stupid this is, look at Brady's "salary" next year with the Bucs: $1,075,000. Ooooooo... look at those Bucs underpaying Brady!! Didn't they learn anything from what the Patriots did to him?
More garbage infesting the Free Agency thread. Spill on Aisle 4!

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I feel left out. Can this post be garbage too ?


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KC is the best team in the AFC. The Super Bowl hangover issue was recently beaten by the Patriots. You'll have to pardon me if I don't immediately dismiss the Chiefs' ability to do the same, especially since they can use "But we had no O-line" as a rallying cry.
And they have one now.
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