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    Howe: Pats Ecstatic with Mac this Offseason (so far)

    By definition being an NFL QB comes with a lot of demands. I don't see Mac having any more pressure than being a starting QB in the NFL. All of last years rookie class has much more pressure than Mac because he has a lot of organizational support and had a good rookie year to establish...
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    And, We Have Our Offense

    We need both talent and coaching to improve. All three phases of the team have come under criticism for bad coaching and lack of on field talent. I agree that coaching seemed to be an issue last year, coaching alone will not solve the issues. My belief is that not all players have the ability...
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    And, We Have Our Offense

    I don't mind this, better than having a roster spot that does not see playing time and adds no on field value. Last year was a hard lesson on the importance of special teams and how starting field position impacts games. While not sexy, it makes sense to have some specialists for that part of...
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    Brady to Fox after he retires

    It wouldn't surprise me if this was strategy to His first retirement cancelation proves that spending time with the family is just window dressing. My cynical side thinks this is just a way to ensure he makes at least $20M playing football until he retires again. Does the TV contract have any...
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    Brady to Fox after he retires

    Brady let us all know that 90% of what he says is BS, so he is well qualified to be a commentator. Otherwise I am not sure he is a great choice to attract viewers. Across the country many people hate him because they ain't him, another group is sick of him because of all the drama and constant...
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    Interest in James Bradberry?

    The article that I read said he was rated the number 7 CB in the NFL. Not disputing the facts RainMaker provided. Highlighting how hard it is to determine a players capability. He was bad last year because of the head coach. ;-)
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    Any thoughts on the tuck rule admission?

    LOL, I found a picture of TB12 preparing for the role.
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    Aaron Rogers, Wine Connoisseur

    All kidding aside, this is a very sad story for that woman. I read one article where they discussed the fact that inmates have all day, every day to manipulate people that they have access to. To your point, jail is the best possible outcome for the guard.
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    Aaron Rogers, Wine Connoisseur

    Anyone seen or heard from Aaron since he went on vacation with his new girlfriend? (sorry couldn't resist and didn't want to start a new thread)
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    And, We Have Our Offense

    Having receiver depth will also make sure that there are enough practice bodies to help the new QB develop without taxing the starters too much.
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    Danny Amendola is a free agent

    As many have said DA was huge in the playoffs and ok/injured during the regular season. BB is pretty hardline on getting maximum value for the money. In this case I think it is fair to say that part of the situation was the fact that DA never really lived up to his initial contract. This led...
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    The Pats players being denied incentive money

    This. The greatest TE of all time acts like a cartoon of the big, dumb, enthusiastic football player. Getting people to react is just part of the act. Mr. Vroom, Vroom has always made jokes about Patriot stereo types to get a laugh or suit his agenda, even when he was on the team. The 'I...
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    OT: Brady was close to joining the Dolphins as an owner

    As they say "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". This quote also applies to BB as well. As Brady advanced he wanted to control more of the situation, not surprising given his personality type. I think Yoko and Lebron helped him realize that he had the ability to...
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    NEW ARTICLE: Dan Orlovsky Has a “Massive” Issue He Feels Patriots Mac Jones is Faced With in 2022

    This article may have some good points, but there is nothing that a 12 year old sports fan couldn't come up with. Did chicken little contribute any content? It is not like early Bledsoe having to learn entirely new offenses year after year. At least Mac will have Caley, Hoyer and most of the...
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    My take on Kraft’s statement at the ownership meetings.

    Kraft is doing what any manager would do by publicly reiterating that there are high expectations even though privately he may have more realistic goals. It is important that the fans and team feel as if there is urgency to succeed. The only thing that I don't like is that he did it in a way...