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    TMZ reporting the passing of Kobe Bryant

    This feels like a bad nightmare that won't end
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    Thank You Mr. Kraft - New England Patriots nearly became the St. Louis Stallions

    I thought this thread was in reference to Meg The Stallion at first glance!
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Super Bowl 54: Game Discussion

    This reminds me so much of the 2009 Colts/Saints Superbowl when the Colts were favored going into the game! The Saints were clearly leaps and bounds the best team in the league that year!
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    Maybe premature but.....KC VS San Fran....Who wins this SB?!

    Call me a Homer/hater whatever. I'm not the least impressed with the Chiefs playoffs run thus far! They beat a overachieving Texans team that never won anything and a team lead by Ryan Tannehill in the AFCG! While KC's offense is top notch (one of the best in the NFL) they still don't have much...
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Super Bowl 54: Game Discussion

    Bingo! Shannahan didn't give the Chiefs hardly anything to dissect offensively going into the Superbowl! The San Francisco/New Orleans game proved that Jimmy could go toe to toe with another great QB in a shootout! I'm willing to bet Kyle lets Jimmy air that MF out in the Superbowl!
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION AFCCG Game Day Thread: Titans @ Chiefs

    Especially on defense! Belichick built the Pats defense to stop KC's offense!
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    AFCCG Discussion: Titans at Chiefs

    San Francisco's defense definitely can slow them down! I'm just very interested in what defensive game plan Vrabel and Pees will cook up for the Chiefs offense this week!
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFCCG discussion: Packers at 49ers

    I guess it will all come down to what adjustments GB makes from the regular season debacle! I have the 49ers winning it! I just don't think it will be nowhere near as lopsided as the first meeting though
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    Packers vs Seahawks

    Seattle just might win this game
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    Packers vs Seahawks

    I guess primarily because San Francisco has been 1 of if not the best team all season long!
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    Packers vs Seahawks

    WTF Packers fans are booing for? I've lost count of how many calls went in their favor this season
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    AFCCG Discussion: Titans at Chiefs

    It will all come down to Henry and the Titans offense playing away from Mahomes as much as possible
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    KC Chiefs vs Houston Texans

    Houston needs another touchdown before halftime!