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Sep 12th

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    Update: Prince Aaron demands Packers fire GM

    Very true, but I suppose it's only natural storyline that should take place more often than not............aging veteran QB thinks he has a lot left in the tank and feels disrespected when there is a replacement plan BUT even with that being said, guys like Kurt Warner definitely handled it...
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    What would a trade up to 7 cost

    go figure, this whole time we only had to trade up to #11, oh well
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    POLL: What will the Patriots do with pick #15?

    past few picks have been a killer Fields was my top choice But in the absence of a FIelds was hoping to get the PSU linebacker
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    Patriots working on a contract with Jimmy G?

    haha, ya, it's all about respecting the opinion of the guy who has 'the take' that interests you the most It's like looking ahead to a weekend weather forecast on a Monday Shows rain, you tell yourself...."It can change. They never get it right." But if it shows sun...."Woohoo. Awesome." no...
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    Are there any first round prospects you really don't want?

    I agree. It's like the angel and devil on one shoulder.... Devil: Never lived up to the hype, just another run of the mill RB. You could have used the pick more wisely elswhere. Angel: But he played his best when you needed him the most. While he may have only been 'better than average' for a...
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    My contribution to a Patriots' Championship

    With Edelman's retirement news, I thought it was worth re-circulating this Edelman DDTYME video in which I caught a pass from him (yes, the fat guy wearing the donut head). You may brush it off, but for a guy who sits at a computer all day having the pressure of catching a ball thrown by...
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    Belichick rated #1 of all GM's in Expensive FA Signings

    Yes, it's scary how much the media controls the masses. They can spin any narrative. The guy was a life long Steeler, made his name there and was a Patriot for like, what, 2 weeks or less......and yet all allegation news stories following his release showed him pictured in a Pats uniform...
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    Lebron James becomes part owner of Red Sox

    Right, that's the only use I have for baseball, is some 'easy listening' on the radio while in the pool.
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    Lebron James becomes part owner of Red Sox

    Baseball is in a sad state right now. Their best players can walk down streets in their home town and go unrecognized. I am NOT a baseball guy by any means. Never played it and didn't watch a full Sox game in the past two seasons. Still, it's sad to see what a sad state the sport is in. It's...
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    Why didn't Belichick light up his Benjamins on fire like that when Brady was here?

    Yup, what others said. 1.) First time in awhile that we've had such little internal talent that we HAD to get external talent. 2.) Without the internal talent, we had money to spend elsewhere. 3.) Let's not pretend that BB didn't get some good free agents in the past. Guys like Colvin...
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    NEW ARTICLE: MUST SEE: Tom Brady Throws Lombardi Trophy From Yacht During Bucs Championship Parade

    There was also video of Brady needing assistance walking off the boats since he was so plastered. Not exactly a great look, but he's human and earned the right to have a good time......let's give him a pass.
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    10 Most underrated Patriots Super Bowl plays

    Ok, let's see. I'm just thinking of these off the top of my head and am doing so without looking at hte article or other posts, so it will be interesting to see if our lists align at all..... In no particular order I'm going with......... -vs Atlanta, 3rd and 10 conversion on last drive of...
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    Throwback Super Bowl Hype Videos I made

    Welker was close, but didn't have the charisma and unfortunately...the clutchness (gulp) of Edelman. If Welker did have this cluthness, we would have another Lombardi Trophy.....but now I'm going on a dark path. We'll be happy with what we have. Positive thoughts, haha Edelman has definitely...
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    Throwback Super Bowl Hype Videos I made

    To help get everyone pumped for the Super Bowl as Tom looks for number 7, I thought you might appreciate some Super Bowl hype videos I made for past Super Bowls...... SB 53 SB 51 SB 46 (yes, I'm aware they lost but I still think this is my best edit)