Why I expect a trade......

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  1. jct

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    I expect that there are a few desperate teams out there that will want to trade players for draft choices next year, and because we will listen and evaluate all offers and because we have the position of greatest strength in terms of future draft picks and cap space this year and next, someone may come down to our offer of value on thier problem/need.

    Certainly picking up a healthy starting quality DB could go a long way toward helping our game.

    What I'm saying is we will negotiate from a position of strength and may pick up a talented guy who will make a difference for us.
  2. mtbykr

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    While this may be true of a lot of teams, i don't think it is so with the pats. I am sure if the right situation presented itself then they would do it--however with the way this team drafts, draft picks for the pats are valued much higher here than in other organizations that don't have a great track record in the draft!
  3. Commander Shears

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    Week six is definitely the time of year that the cool franchises like to make bizarre desperation trades to announce to their fanbases that they're quitting on the season. And I thought the political forum was loopy.

    Why would somebody be desperate for a draft pick in October? If anyone would be desperate enough to overspend, it would be the team looking for players. Of course, even that would involve the entire NFL changing its philosophy as in-season trades have NEVER been an important part of the NFL landscape. (For any number of reasons: not advertising that you suck, quick franchise turn-arounds are possible, salary cap implictions, wanting more good players rather than fewer - crazy reasons like that) It seems a lot of people on this board have completely forgotten this fact.

    I know this is a sincere thread, and I might be a little harsh, but I think I've hit the wall with the Porter, Moss, Samuel, and other goofball trade posts. Maybe everybody's just hung over from the Red Sox inactivity at the deadline, but I think the time has come for a moratorium on trade-related threads.
  4. psychoPat

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    Be of good cheer, Commander.
    This time tomorrow
    your wish shall have come true.

    It'll be
    Man Law.
  5. Remix 6

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    i hope to wake up and see Randy or Jerry or some other high quality player as a Patriot
  6. Box_O_Rocks

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    I hope to wake up and see the shiny new toy threads dwindle to nothing.
  7. Patjew

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    No Jersey Selected

    I hope to wake up.
  8. pats1

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    Why I don't expect a trade:

    Because you expect a trade.


    If you expect the Pats to draft Bobby Carpenter, they'll draft Tetneprac Ybbob.
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  9. primetime

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    They drafted an Incan?
  10. pats1

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    No, they drafted a Nacni.

    (No, not a Nazi...or an Izan...)
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